Have A Super Day!

In this article I’m going to explain to you how you can have what I call a super day.

What is a super day? A super day is when you will be achieving more in one day than you have achieved in the last week, month or even year!

In a super day, you will achieve a HUGE amount. But I don’t recommend this as a long term thing because in a super day you will be in balanced. And a balanced life is the key to happiness.

I always recommend you take daily consistent action towards what you want in life.

But every so often, when you need it, I recommend you take a super day. You may even choose to have a super week or month.

So how does it work?

In a super day. You will devote the entire day to producing results towards what you want in life.

From when you wake up until you go to sleep you will do nothing but PRODUCE.

It doesn’t matter what is important to you, it works the same for everyone.

In this day you will take MASSIVE ACTION towards your dreams.

Here’s some examples of how this looks,

Let’s say you want to get laid, get a girlfriend etc. and that’s what’s super important to you right now, above everything else.

You will take a day off work or you will do this on your day off

You will be well rested from the night before (8 hours sleep) this day will be planned in advanced, you will eat high quality food at designated times, you will take a power nap (or 2) at designated times.

Ok so let’s say your goal is the above get girl’s goal. The day will look like this.

Night before 8 hours sleep.

Wake up to alarm clock.

Nutritious breakfast.

Affirmations/visualisations that help your success with woman.

Take stimulants if need be (phenuibt or caffeine etc.)

Go to a place to do day game

Approach girls (ALL MORNING)

Nutritious lunch (and drink water all day)

Approach girls (ALL AFTERNOON)

On this day you will probably approach more girls in one day than you have in the last week, month or YEAR.

If you are a virgin, in a dry patch, trying to get over a girl, got divorced, or just want to get more girls this day will guarantee you will!

You will approach a lot, you will be rejected a lot, but you will get numbers this day, and maybe even laid if you do an instant date or close.

Afternoon (GO HOME)

Power nap.


That night you will either go on a date with a girl you met today or you will go to a bar or club by yourself and try to pick up more girls!

You will have logged out of your social media accounts on this day. You basically only want to use your phone for emergency calls or to assist what you are trying to do (for example you can use tinder on this day)

NIGHT TIME GO TO BED (If you didn’t pull a one night stand ;)) you will need it!

That’s how a super day works, I know it seems drastic and maybe sociopathic that you will do this but let me ask you. What’s more important? A normal day where you go to your average job or a day where you make a massive move forward to what really matters to you?

Here’s another example.

You want to work on your side business. Say your online business.

Wake up, good breakfast.






Power nap.

6pm dinner


BED (you’ll need it)

This super day can work for anything else (becoming an athlete, or could even mean your normal day at your career but you put in more effort on this day all day)

The main concept of a super day is you devote the entire day to PRODUCTION.

Even the Sleep, food, water , naps and supplements are all geared towards results.

This day you will surprise yourself at the results you will achieve and how much you can actually get done in one day!

But I wouldn’t recommend it long term as you will burn out, lose friends and family, lose your health (not exercising), not resting etc.

So that’s how you have a super day.

Here’s a recap of how to have one.

The night before, plan your day, what you will do, when you will do it, either plan this on your day off or take a day off work, call in sick, fuck it this is more important to you. Go to bed and set alarm for 8 hours sleep.

Wake up. Drink water, eat a nutritious breakfast, take supplements like caffeine if you want.



Lunch, water, maybe supplements again



Dinner, water



That’s it, congratulations! In one fucking day you have moved closer to your dreams than you ever have.

Have a super day soon! Good luck!

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