Why Do Girls Like Tattoos

girls like tattoos

Most girls like tattoos (even if they say they don’t)

In this article, I am going to explain why. (This also explains why woman find other edgy things like piercings, accessories and style attractive)


Imagine you are living in a small tribe a long long time ago. Now imagine one of the members of the tribe shows up one day with some paintings/ink on his skin, or an ornament or something different.

“That’s different” says everyone in the town. Should we kill this freak? Should we kick him out of the tribe? They say.

“No wait!” says the majority of the tribe members.

“zog aint so bad… so what he has done something different. That takes a lot of balls to do something different and risk been kicked out of the tribe. You know what; I respect that guy even more now. And you know what, I think his higher value. For he must be if he can do something like that and still be in the tribe!”

Now imagine the same situation but zog showed up that day not just with a few ornaments or ink but completely gothed out.

“Hey everyone have you seen zog today? Why does he look like that? wtf is going through that freaks head? Want to kick him out of the tribe? Hell yes!”

You see because this time zog was too much. The tribe fully rejected him. Which is not good as now zog has to survive in the dangerous woods and has no chance at getting cave girl pussy unless she likes goth guys haha.

And you see this today. If you see someone that is too overboard dressed like a freak everyone comments on them and they are lower value.

Another example. Another tribe member sees that the first zog was held at slightly higher value with the girls in the tribe because of his risky but acceptable behaviour. So now he also gets inked and gets some ornaments, and another member, and another member.

Now almost all the guys in the tribe are like this and the attraction has gone down. It’s mainstream. The value has gone down and the girls don’t find the ink and ornaments that attractive anymore. They find it normal. And may in fact prefer the guys with normal skin and no ornaments now.

It’s tough to understand but that’s how I’ve come to understand it. A lot of guys have no idea why girls (especially the younger ones) seem to date/fuck guys that are “douchebags” who have tattoos, piercings, hats, a type of style etc.

But this is how it works today as well.

If you live in a place where tattoos are not common. Simply getting a tattoo like an arm sleeve will go a long way. however for example in the city that I live in in Australia it seems every second or third guy has tattoos and I have noticed and have got confirmation from both girls and my mate that has heaps of tattoos that they don’t hold as much value as they did back a while ago when they were less common.

He told me when he first got an arm sleeve he would be out at clubs and girls would comment on it because not many guys had one. But now heaps of guys do.

The solution in my city? Either don’t have any or have something simple like and arm sleeve to appeal to MOST of the girls or go all out and get covered in tattoos but this will cause an issue.

You see those guys on Instagram completely covered in tattoos from head to toe and you see how popular they are because they are the minority but still accepted (unlike the Goth/freak variety)

So a lot of girls (particularly tatted up and young  girls) will want to sleep with you or at least be interested in you. On a short term basis, one night stand etc. (as long as her family or some friends don’t find out)

However because at this level you are novelty you will damage your results with a lot of woman. A lot of more normal but still very attractive girls will simply not date you because you have no boyfriend potential. You’re simply “too much” for them to give you a chance. This will hurt your ability to have longer term relationships with overall more quality girls.

To be a really good player it’s important to have a combination of both boyfriend potential attributes and player attributes as that’s what universally attracts the MAJORITY of girls.


Let’s face it. Tattoos (especially arm sleeves, shoulders, chest) just make you look more masculine and bad. My guess is that the colour black on your skin is attributed with danger.

It also shows you’re not afraid to go under the ink needle, not afraid of the pain or what people will think of you.

Historically. Only sailors or bikies had tattoos and they were badass so as time went on they were known to be badass things.

However now with all the hipsters getting them it has saturated and lost a lot of value.


Like I’ve said before. Opposites don’t usually attract and the girls who are covered in tattoos and piercings usually go out with guys who are the same.

Tatted girls like tattoos.


Universally the most attractive thing to do would be either stay blank or if you do get tattoos just get a few, not too much that you might be disqualified by woman.

The same goes for other edgy things like piercings, accessories, chains, bracelets etc. a few can increase your attractiveness but to many and you will be disqualified by most.

But of course you should do the above things because you want to and not to appear attractive to girls.


Younger girls (18-25) will find the edgy guys with tattoos and other things most attractive because at this age they don’t really give a shit if you have money or want to date older guys. They want to fuck the young, hot, sexy, popular, good looking and edgy guys more.

As girls get older like 30’s + they start to look for guys who are more stable and that’s when they will look for things like money and stability and because they remember what those tatted guys were like or what society/their family will think of them if they date a guy covered from head to toe they might steer clear and go for a more plain guy.

But saying that there are still plenty of girls in their 30s and older who will fuck a guy who’s good looking, sexy, maybe has some edge/tattoos. At least short term.


I personally don’t have any tattoos because its not something i want to get right now. i may get one done (like an arm sleeve) in the future but probably not. Knowing what i know now if i was 18 again and got some ink i know it would have helped me a bit with girls of my age throughout my twenties but i cant see much of a benefit getting one now. i use to have my ears pierced though which i believe increased my attractive points up a bit.

today I still work out and have a good body and I still have some edge (hats, watches, style) to be UNIVERSALLY ATTRACTIVE TO MOST GIRLS. If i had a tattoo or a few it wouldn’t hurt either. but I do well as it is both with tatted girls and the shy plain jane girls.

I hope I have given you a deeper understanding on why girls like tattoos and solved any confusion you might have had. Perhaps if Elliot Rodgers read this article and got some edge to attract girls his own age instead of going for the money look he would have got more success with girls and not done what he had done.

Which brings me to another point. Tattoos and edge don’t mean anything if you suck in the other areas of your life. If you have poor social skills, are broke, or not in shape you won’t do well anyway. Check out my “how attraction works” article to learn more.

Cheers guys. I hope you know more now why some girls like tattoos.

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