Getting Laid Is A Numbers Game

getting laid is a numbers game

Getting laid is a numbers game. If you aren’t getting rejected, you aren’t getting laid.

Getting laid is just like sales. You make cold calls, you get nowhere with most of them but you eventually do get sales.

Whoever tells you they get laid a lot without getting rejected is talking shit. Some PUA guys talk about going 10 for 10 (10 approaches and getting laid 10 times) but in my opinion that’s pretty much impossible. They say the reason you got rejected is because of your game and that any guy can get any girl with the right game. Again, bullshit.

You can’t get every girl. In fact you won’t get most of the girls you approach. A lot of these girls will be married, have boyfriends, girlfriends, will leave the country tomorrow, are too young, are religious, are not interested in you, only like a certain race, style or a bunch of other reasons.

A lot of the time the reason has nothing to do with you. So don’t let it get to you.

You need to approach a lot of girls just to get laid. you will get laid more if you approach girls below your level of looks or girls who are showing interest in you but the hotter girls you approach the more you will have to approach.

Even the best players will approach 100 girls during the day and only sleep with about 5% of those girls. If you are sleeping with around 5% of the girls you approach during the day. Trust me, that’s good. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I recently conducted this experiment myself. I approached 100 girls during the day. I had to stop half way because girl number 70 became my girlfriend for a while but I recently finished that experiment as I’m single now. Here’s the results.


PHONE NUMBERS – 25 (1 in 4)

MEETUPS – 4 (1 in 25) (as I say below this may of been higher)

SEX – 2 (1 in 50)

Yep, a 2% success rate. Out of 100 girls I cold approached during the day, I slept with just 2 of them. And that’s the truth. And that’s a typical success rate. If you don’t believe me I encourage you to cold approach 100 girls during the day and see what your stats are.

Paul Janka says he sleeps with 11% of the phone numbers he gets during the day, and as you can see my results show similar.

Granted out of this 100 there were 3 girls who were receptive and maybe would have met up with me on a date however I didn’t pursue them as once I got to know them/see them up close I realised I wasn’t that attracted to them. So who knows maybe if I pursued them I would have slept with maybe 3 girls or 3%

And maybe if I did the experiment again I might sleep with 0 girls or 5+ girls. Who knows.

But that’s a typical success rate and what you guys should expect when doing day game.

You need to approach a lot and screen out all the girls to find the yes girls.

Although the success rate is low, it’s something, it’s  proof that if you approach 50-100 girls you WILL at least get laid.

And like I said. If you approach 100 girls below your value say 5 out of 10s your success rate will be a lot higher. But still around 5% max.

Most of the girls I approached were girls I liked. If I was to rate them out of 10, I would say 7-10’s, and I consider myself about an 8 out of 10.


Tinder is different; we know that every girl on tinder is SINGLE AND LOOKING. Now if you match a girl on tinder you know that she is SINGLE, LOOKING AND INTERESTED IN YOU. You would think that would be enough for her to catch up with you but nope, that’s only a small part of the story.

I am currently gathering my statistics but so far the pattern I have is that out of the matches I am attracted to that I have. That is matches I have that I am attracted to (if I don’t find them attractive I unmatch them) I will meet up with 10% of them on a date.

So let’s say I have matched 100 girls and I find them all attractive. I will manage to get 10 of those to come out with me for a date.

Out of the girls I meet up with. I sleep with half of them.

So although I’m still conducting the experiment. It looks something like this.



SEX – 5

See how the success rate is quiet good? That’s because we aren’t doing straight up day game cold approach. (but if you took into account the swipes I do, day game has the best approach to lay ratio out of all of the ways to pick up girls)

But you still have to do day game and approach girls in other areas of your life because you should be approaching girls you like all the time because you go after what you want in life.

Also, you get hotter girls in real life because online that same girl has to many options so she’s extra picky with who she swipes right on.

As you can see I have a great meet up to lay ratio and seems to be the same with my day game approaches. Check out my lay guide where I explain how I do this.


Night game has the absolute worst approach to lay ratio. I have not recorded any statistics because at night the approaches are always shitty because it’s so loud, everyone’s drunk, its dark and I feel like approaches at night don’t really count too much.

I would say you will have to approach a lot of girls in a club to get laid. Unless you are a really good looking guy and/or you focus on the girls who are showing interest in you.

Check out my night game lay guide where I explain how to get laid from a nightclub.


For more, type in “approach to lay ratio” in google.

Another point.

Have you heard the saying “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” well this is true. Now we know of it as “I miss 100% of the shots I don’t take but if I approach her I have a 0-5% chance of getting any given random girl we see during the day”

Which may seem discouraging but here’s the thing. You will never know which girl you will get. So keep approaching every girl you like!

Thanks for reading guys, now get out there and start stacking up some big numbers.

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