Get Shit Done

I have a memo in my phones notes labelled “get shit done”

In this memo I have a plan for the day. I have a plan and times I will do things like work at my job, eat, go to the gym, work on my side business, learn something, read something, cook, anything!

The point is I take action and create a plan for that day. I usually create the plan the night before or in the morning of that day.

Ever since I started doing this my productivity has skyrocketed. I wasn’t just going with the flow. I had a plan and knew what I had to do that day to get shit done.

Some days you can’t follow your plan. Your cousin might come over to visit and you decide to catch up with him. That’s fine and that’s life. Nothing always goes to plan, but if you plan, things will go to plan, if you know what I mean.

If you ever wonder how some people seem to achieve so much. It’s because they take action and just do it.

And when you actually start just doing it and getting shit done you realise it’s not that hard and you look back 6 months later and think wow look what I did.

You already force yourself to get shit done at your job every day so why don’t you put in some effort with the rest of your life.

It doesn’t have to be work related either. “Get shit done” might be time allocated to have fun, relax and spend time with family.

An example might look like this.

7-3 work

4-5 nothing

5-6 wash car

6-7 make dinner and eat

8-10 work on side business to break free from wage slavery.

10 beds

This memo can be a note in your phone or a note pad in your pocket.

Put whatever you want on your get shit done plan and start getting shit done today!


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