Get More Girls By Being Persistent

Hey guys here’s a quick simple tip to get more girls.

What is it? Be more persistent.

On tinder and bumble I would talk to girls, have a few back and forths and then the conversation might stop, or I asked her out and she doesn’t reply, or I say hey and open her and she doesn’t reply.

Ok so most of the time when this happens you probably won’t move things forward with her, this is because she is probably a “no” girl.

When this happens I use to always just leave it at that and move on to another girl and hope that I find a “yes girl”

But recently I have tried being a little bit more persistent and “follow up” with that girl a few days later and it has got me a few more dates and action so its worth it.

So let’s say you say hey and have a few back and forths with a girl and she goes quiet and doesn’t reply just wait a few days and send her another message like.

“Up to much this weekend?” “How was your weekend?” “ how’s your day going? “up to much this week?” just something simple like that.

She either won’t reply at all and it that case leave it she’s gone.

Or she might reply with something like “oh sorry I didn’t respond I was busy blah blah” and you are in again.

Often she might just not use the apps much or she was distracted or didn’t see your message so that follow up message could be the difference between something coming out of it or nothing.

It’s just like in sales, you will have to overcome objections and follow up with your clients. It’s the same girls.

That’s it guys a simple but powerful tip. Don’t give up so easy and follow up with girls. A lot of girls find it attractive when a guy makes an effort.

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