Get Laid Tonight (Without Paying For It)

get laid tonight


In this article I am going to explain how to get laid tonight in the most direct, no bullshit way possible! (Without paying for it)

Maybe you are having a dry patch, maybe that girl you have been working on has wasted your time, maybe you just broke up with your girlfriend, maybe you are a virgin, whatever, tonight it’s time to get laid.

Although the probability that you will get laid tonight is low, with the right game plan you will put the odds in your favour. That game plan will be explained now.


Starting with you looks, your looks are important, this is like your product, what you offer, what you bring to the table. Your looks are important when trying to get laid tonight because as you are going for the quick lay, the girl is more interested in what she sees and not so much what you are about. So put your best foot forward.

Be well groomed, have a shower, hair looking good, brush teeth, smell good, dress well, maybe some edge like a nice watch.

The best universally attractive style in my opinion is well dressed, classy, casual with a bit of edge/swag like a chain, earrings, hat, watch.

I will write up a style guide for you guys soon.


To get laid tonight, you need the right mind set, you need to be focused. From when you talk to a girl to when you have sex with her you need to keep in mind you are trying to get laid tonight.

Focus is super important and underrated. You move towards your dominant thoughts. If you thoughts are geared towards moving things forward to get laid tonight you will make things happen.

Getting laid tonight is not an easy task. You may need to take what you can get because not every girl is going to be sexually available tonight. You want to try everything you can. Existing girls, social circle, day game, night game, tinder. you want to try to make things happen TONIGHT. You want to not waste any time or opportunity. Book a date in tonight, invite the girls over tonight. Escalate tonight.

Remember the rule of ABC. ALWAYS BE CLOSING.

But remember guys. This guide is for girls who actually want to sleep with you lol, NEVER pressure a girl to sleep with you if doesn’t want to. No means no!

Getting laid is a win win for you and the girl because she obviously wants some dick haha


Existing girls in your pipeline should be your first option because you have already approached/met them at some point. Some of the work has already been done.

Are there any girls in your pipeline you are currently talking to? Ask them today to hang out for a drink, coffee, movie at your place. If you can’t bring a girl to your place ask to hang out at her place if she agrees to hang out or meet her out on a date.


Tinder or other online dating apps are great because you know the girls on there are SINGLE and LOOKING. Unlike cold approach where the girls could be married or have a boyfriend or lesbians or whatever. But don’t dismiss cold approach, you’ll be doing that as well as I describe below.

Today you will be swiping girls on tinder or another dating app. keep swiping until you max out for the day. You will have a quick chat with the matches and ask them if they want to hang out for a drink tonight. If they agree invite them to your house straight up. If they don’t feel comfortable with that it’s ok. Invite them out for a drink.

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Day game is tough but the rewards are worth it. Although it doesn’t feel like it you will have the highest approach to lay ratio with day game as I describe in my getting laid is a numbers game article here.

With day game you will get hotter girls as well because girls are more picky in the club and online because of the huge choice. Day game the girls are more off guard and open. Even if they are hotties.

Throughout the day, while you can, approach girls you like. Have a quick chat and ask for her number. Then text her and ask her if she wants to catch up tonight at your place. Or somewhere else if that’s not possible.

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Ok so you have messaged your existing girls, used tinder and approached some girls today but you are shit out of luck and haven’t managed to book a date tonight. Hey that’s ok, like I said it’s improbable that you will get laid tonight. But this article will increase those odds. And to increase those odds now it’s time to do some night game!

Night game is tough, its dark, its noisy, you need to line up, pay entrance fee, spend more money, you have a lot of male competition, you have a lot of girls but they all have their guards up.

Even an average looking girl will get hit on a few times in the club and then feels like a goddess. It’s a low probable environment.

But the good news is there are a lot of girls in one location so you can approach a lot of girls quickly and work the numbers game.

Also night clubs can be fun, the girls look hot, maybe  good music, maybe being tipsy, being with your buddies (although tonight it’s better to go out alone)

The game plan tonight is not to get numbers, but to get laid tonight.

You need to play the numbers game, approach at least 10 girls, but keep approaching until you get laid.

It goes like this, approach her, ask her general questions like “how’s your night going” “what did you guys do before this” get into a conversation, be a little bit cocky and funny, use sexual innuendo, dance with her if she wants you to, then go in for the kiss, once you guys are kissing for a while you want to ask her if she wants to stay at yours tonight. If she is sexually available she will come home with you trust me.

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So you have a sexually available girl that you met from tinder, day game, night game or in your existing pipeline.

You are either hanging out with her at your place, her place or out at a social venue.

Now it’s time to close!

If she’s at your place or you are at hers it’s just a matter of making a move on her. Try to kiss her and go on from there.

If you are out at a venue the game plan is to either go back to yours or hers, or make a move on her in the car.

Getting laid in the car is actually pretty simple. You guys are kissing and you say “I want to get closer to you” and you suggest going in the back seat. If she’s sexually available she will.

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Boom!  You got laid tonight!

I hope you liked my article how to get laid tonight.

Good luck!

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