Get laid products

Hey guys! Here are links to all the best products that are conductive to the player lifestyle!

I own/use many of the products listed below and they are also listed throughout my site but here they are all organized on one page so its easier.

Girls have complimented me on many of these products as well particularly the colognes and clothes/accessories.

These products will help in many areas such as

Improving your looks



Skin Care

Hair Care



Building muscle






And More!

All of these products will add value to your life and when you provide value in life you are rewarded.

The products are amazon affiliate links which means I will get a tiny commission at no cost to you if you decide to purchase through my links (even if you don’t purchase these products but you buy something else from amazon because you started from my link I still get a commission) So if you like my site just do it. I will appreciate it very much!

Ok thanks guys here they are!


These colognes smell amazing and guarantee the girls will think the same. When you smell good, you are more attractive to her. Give yourself an edge over guys who don’t wear cologne and get yourself a bottle of one of these attractive scents.


Watches give you some edge because they are an accessory. They look cool, classy, high status, wealthy and just make any outfit look better. Get yourself a few watches in different styles and colors to wear with different outfits. Girls love the below watches in particular!


I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the books below. They were written by guys who have done exceptionally well in the pick up area. Knowledge is power. Get reading!


I don’t take a lot of supplements, I use to take weight gainers but then I learned that the carbs inside called maltodextrin is basically sugar so i switched to a standard whey protein.

I like the standard whey protein below because it taste good, mixes good, digest good and I get more servings in it compare to the weight gainers.

your muscles need protein and calories to grow, start by having 1 serving a day and see how your gains are going then go up to 2 servings a day.

Girls love muscle on a guy!


If you wear dirty old un stylish shoes no wonder its going to be harder to pick up girls.

Get yourself a pair of some of these shoes.

I like them because they look good, black or white can go with any outfit and they are comfortable which means you can do day game with them 😉


When you see a cool looking dude in a movie he always has some shades on right? glasses just make you look great and they protect your eyes and also stop you from getting wrinkles from squinting.

Ray Bans are the glasses I recommend, girls love them! get yourselves one of the below styles.


Your hair is a big part of you and a big part of looking good so you want to keep getting that fresh styled cut and also you want to maintain and style your hair with the right products. these are the ones I use. the brand is called American Crew and is very popular.


Women are attracted to guys that are in good shape. It signals to them that you are healthy, fit and strong. You don’t need to go to a gym to lose fat and burn muscle, you can work out at home with the equipment below, even if you go to the gym its always good to have some equipment at home to do some extra workouts or when you know the gym will be busy. I both go to the gym and workout at home.