How To Get Laid With Very Hot Girls


I will never forget this very hot girl I fucked.  It was my birthday and I was out at a club. I was having some drinks when I saw this smoking hot brunette girl standing close to the bar with her friends. She was wearing this tight fitting dress that showed her tanned toned lower back and fit tightly around her amazing ass. Her ass was amazing. My primal urges just wanted to reach out and grab it haha.

In my head I thought this girl definitely out of my league. I mean this girl was about a 9 out of 10 but a 10 in her body. I don’t know whether it was because I felt like I had no chance with her or if it was the alcohol but I thought fuck it and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and I said to her.

“You have the best fucking ass!”

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to happen out of this natural speak my mind opener but she looked at me in a surprised way and slightly smiled and said “thanks?”

Amazed that she wasn’t offended and didn’t walk away. I decided to act more normal and ask her some normal questions.

“how’s your night going?” “Where did you guys go before this?” “What are you doing after?” etc.

I also told her it was my birthday and she asked for my driver’s license as well for proof which I showed her.

After some small talk and her friends saying they were going to leave the club. I asked for her number.

She said “I don’t think so my friends wouldn’t want me to give out my number tonight”

I pulled out my phone and said “give me your number!”

She giggled and gave it to me.

The next day we sent a few texts and I decided before I say something that might blow my chances with this girl I’ll ask her out.

“Hey I’m not much of a texter want to grab a drink this week?

She said yes! Holy shit, this hot as fuck girl I met in a noisy club wants to catch up again with me!

I set up the date at a bar close to my house. And on the day of the date I texted her to confirm again just to make sure she was actually going to catch up with me. She said yes.

She looked even better on our date than the night at the club. Tight jeans around her perfect ass and legs, Heels, White top, Tiny waist, Long brown hair and pretty face.

I bought her a glass of wine and took her to the upstairs balcony section where it was nice and quiet and chilled. I kept my cool and chatted to her.

The conversation actually went really well and flowed naturally. I asked her open questions and we talked about her home country (New Zealand) travel, work, family, everything, I made her laugh, made her feel comfortable, teased her, and basically made her feel good.

After a drink or two we decided to call it a night. Now I live within walking distance from this bar but as for fun I decided to get this girl to give me a lift home.

She pulled up to my house and said goodbye and it was nice meeting me. I leant over to her and kissed her.

We started off slow but it got really intense with lots of tongue. And she got very excited. I put my hands on her thigh and body and she became even more excited.

All night we were building up sexual tension and it was all coming out.

At this point I just said “come on lets go inside”

She parked up and I held her hand and walked inside. We basically attacked each other in excitement. And I could not believe this was happening.

I started to play with her pussy which was already wet and she went nuts. Then I pulled my pants down and she started giving me head.

I got her clothes off and holy shit her body was better than I thought it would be. I got her on top of me and she started riding me while I gripped her perfect legs and ass.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long and I was fantasizing about doggy style with her since I met her so I flipped her over and holy shit I was in heaven.

This girl was built for doggy style, perfect ass into a skinny waist and arch in her back.

I fucked her doggy for a few minutes before blowing while grapping her ass cheeks with both hands. Not the longest I’ve ever went haha

She went home and I went to sleep with a smile on my face that night. I felt like a king.

This girl ended up becoming a fuck buddy for a few months before she decided to move back to New Zealand. But I didn’t mind. I enjoyed my time with her. And my experience with this girl always motivates me.

Whenever I feel like a girl is out of my league or that I keep getting rejections. I always think of this girl. That a girl like this is just around the corner. I’ve punched above my weight multiple times in the past and I will again.

In this article. I will explain how to get laid with very hot girls. The 9s and 10s.

A very hot girl is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Men would pay a premium to sleep with her if she is an escort. She is at the peak of the supply and demand transaction. Your primal brain sees her as a woman of value. A woman most likely to breed healthy offspring with.

A girl like this will get guys and girls staring at them everywhere they go. They do get things and opportunities handed to them because of their looks. They might find it easier to make friends, get jobs, get into bars and clubs and invited to events free of charge because society (men) value them highly.

And because of this competition for these 9s and 10s is fierce. Most of the time these girls are with high value men. Tall, good looking, stylish, edgy, confident, great social skills, high status, rich men.

Please read my article on attraction to learn about what woman find attractive/value

If you don’t believe that these woman date high value men and look at who Victoria secret models are dating. who’s that Instagram model with hundreds of thousands of followers dating? Is he a very good looking guy? If his not you might find he has status or is rich or something else that makes him high value. There are the odd exceptions. Maybe they met in high school and stayed together. But most of the time they are with guys who display the traits in my attraction article.

So what does this mean? Well the more you tick the boxes in my attraction article the more chance you have with these guy value girls.

Are you tall and good looking? If you are congratulations. If you aren’t. Work on becoming the most attractive version of yourself you can be.

Are you rich? Are you high status? If not work to become rich and/or high status.

Ok so we all can’t become millionaires, high status, or were born tall and good looking. So after you have tried your best to increase your value/attractiveness it’s time to give you the simple secret to getting laid with those 9s and 10s

And you know what, it’s not even a secret, but I can guarantee you will get laid with 9s and 10s if you listen to me and execute effort!

Answer this. If you did nothing but approach very hot girls for the rest of your life would you sleep with any of them? I’m here to tell you yes you fucking would!

Not only would you sleep with one very hot girl but you would sleep with many!

Why? Because it’s mathematically impossible for you not to.

Do you really think if you approached 100, 1000 or 10,000 + very hot girls you wouldn’t sleep with any of them? Come on.

Now granted your success rate would be significantly lower than if you were a  7 out of 10 approaching 5 out of 10s. But the point is you will get laid with a hottie! Maybe the hottest girl you’ve ever been with in your life.

What can you expect from approaching these super hotties? Expect a lot of no’s, expect her to tell you she has a bf and you find out her bf owns a chain of businesses in your city, or he’s a pro athlete, or maybe just a really good looking guy. Expect her to look at you like “does this guy really just think he has a chance with me” but here’s the good part. A lot of these girls actually don’t get hit on that much. So expect her to actually be really cool and nice, expect her to have an awesome personality. Expect her to be very different to how you thought she would be. And the best part. Expect her to say yes!

She says yes to giving you her number, going home with you that night, or meeting up with you for a date, yes to sex, yes to becoming your girlfriend/wife if that’s what you want.

But you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Are you a doer? Do you put yourself into her reality? Do you take action? Do you realise your time on earth is finite? Do you realise you have one life? Do you go after what you want in life or are you a pussy? Because I don’t know about you but I want to fuck some really hot girls, and I do, because I hit on them all the time. Simple.

And another thing. Once you start getting these super hot girls you realise they are just like every other girl, they are normal, they might look average without make up, they have their own problems and insecurities and whole bunch of other things. Don’t be intimidated.

So in summary.

High value girls go for high value guys. So increase your value.

Stack the odds in your favour. From now on when you see a very hot girl you approach her. You do this enough times and you get one.

Good luck and enjoy.

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