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I remember when I was visiting japan on a holiday we stayed in an apartment in Tokyo within walking distance of some popular nightclubs.

We were busy on our trip there and we didn’t stay in Tokyo for long so we only managed to go out to one of these clubs once.

The one night I went out to this club in japan we got talking to some Japanese girls who spoke English and they were keen.

Later on that night I simply said to them we were staying very close by so let’s go back to ours for some more drinks.

We had some drinks and I took the girl I was keen on into my room and slept with her.

I remember thinking how easy it was because I was staying right next to the nightclub.

And this ease of getting laid with a new girl wasn’t just this time in japan.

I stayed on the Vegas strip once and found it was a lot easier getting laid because I just took girls back to my hotel which was in walking distance.

The same thing when I was in Europe!

At first I thought maybe it’s easier getting laid with girls from other countries besides Australia or maybe it was my accent but no! It was because I had rock solid logistics!

With great logistics, you can sleep with a lot of new girls consistently!

If I stayed in those hot spots overseas for a year I would clean up! 

Think about it. You go to a bar or club and meet some girls who are keen on you. What’s going to improve your chances of sleeping with her? If you try to get her to catch a 30 minute uber to your place or if you live very close to the spot you met her at?

It’s a lot easier to get a girl to come back to your place which is in walking distance then to catch an uber back to yours quiet far away.

If you want perfect logistics for getting laid. It’s best to live on your own in these types of places.

  • In the core of the city, the city centre, downtown
  • Close to popular bars and nightclubs
  • Or if it’s a beachy city, close to the beach, beach bars

Living in these places will help you get laid easily because that’s where all the girls are!

If you live in the popular areas you can do day game all the time. You can go down to the bars and clubs and do night game. You can use tinder and bumble and meet girls and they will gladly come into the city to visit you. You can meet up with girls on dates close to your place.

Imagine if you lived out in some country town with a small population. Forget about sleeping with lots of girls if you did. If you do live in a small country town and your goal is to sleep with lots of new girls, you need to move into the city.

I remember Chris from good looking loser explaining that the majority of the girls he banged (200+) were from after parties that he invited the girls back to.

He and his friends had a place they would go back to after a night out and they would invite girls back to for an after party and the result was he got laid a lot because of these good logistics.

There used to be this guy that had a website called boytoystory. He was a 20 year old guy who lived in an apartment in copenhaagen and slept with 200 girls and all his lays were recorded in articles it was 100% legit.

He picked up these girls in mostly day game with some night game and zero online game. He would either take them on dates nearby or invite them straight back to his place and slept with them.

You could see the power of his good logistics to get laid easier!

Imagine you were driving and you wanted to get some food at a take away place like McDonalds.

Let’s say you were going to bring the food home with you. Would go to McDonalds’, park your car, get out, order, get your food, go back to your car then go home or would you go through the drive through?

Getting laid isn’t like going to McDonald’s but it proves a point. If a girl is really into you that night she probably would still catch an uber to your place 20 mins away. But what if you live 30, 45 or an hour away? She would probably decline your offer to show her your puppy lol

I personally don’t live in the city centre but I do live about 20 mins away from popular spots so my logistics aren’t perfect but still ok.

I know I’m leaving a lot on the table by not living in the prime locations though.

What about if you still live with your parents? Well if you can’t bring girls back to your place, your option is there place, your car, or somewhere else like a hotel or anywhere quiet.

Same goes if you have roommate’s. You will get laid easier if you lived by yourself or if you live with another guy who wants to get laid to and he helps you pick up girls etc.

Your job might be a big cock block for you, for example if you are a long haul truck driver or you work night shift or something or up in the mines which is popular in Australia you wont be meeting many girls unfortunately.

the perfect situation would be no job if you had the income/cash to support yourself because you could just do nothing but pick up girls all day and night but in reality you need a job but you’re better off getting a normal day job instead of the above jobs.

some jobs actually help you get laid for example club promoter, bartender, DJ, photographer and of course, pornstar lol

The point of this article is to describe that very good logistics will help you get laid easier.

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