How To Get Laid From Bumble

How to get laid from bumble

Bumble is a swipe dating app like tinder that has been gaining popularity recently. It’s very similar to tinder in the way that you swipe left or right with profiles of girls you like and if they do the same you match.

But here’s where bumble is different, even though you matched with a girl, you can’t initiate a conversation with her unless she does first.

Bumble was built more for females and puts the females in charge. This way they don’t get seedy messages from guys first up.

I have come to realize that there are a lot of feminist type of girls on bumble. I have also found that a lot of girls you match with will initiate a conversation but it doesn’t go anywhere where else on tinder you might get less matches but you get somewhere more with those matches than you would with more matches on bumble if that makes sense.

None the less, you can get laid from bumble. I have got laid from bumble and I will explain how to get laid from bumble to.

Like I said before bumble is very similar to tinder so what I want you do is read my how to get laid with online dating (tinder) article here

But there is one difference I would like to point out. With bumble your main picture is more important because on tinder the girl can easily press on the right of the screen and flick through all your photos but on bumble she has to swipe down and most girls might just swipe through quickly if your main (top) photo is not great.

So that’s the only difference you should take into account on bumble.

Read my tinder article and keep using bumble, put in the numbers, filter out the time wasters and feminist, set up dates and get laid etc.

Good luck guys and let me know of any questions or comments in the comment section below.

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