Get Girls Easier With Momentum

Get girls easier with momentum

In this short article I want to explain how you can get girls easier by taking advantage of momentum.

What do I mean by this? Have you heard of the saying “strike while the irons hot?” or “make hay while the sun shines” ?

What this means is when you are talking to a girl and she seems keen, that’s the best time to move things forward by getting her number or planning a date.

When the girl is excited, keen and enthusiastic with the interaction between you two it makes sense to move things forward and not delay that until another time you interact with her again, that’s if you even see her again.

This is especially true when you talk to girls on tinder and bumble.

You match with a girl, you start talking to her, she is enthusiastic, keen, replying quickly, excited.

At this point you’re new to her and she’s keen.

This is the time to ask her out on a date.

But a lot of guys wont, they will talk to her for ages and use up all her excitement, then the next day or next week they will talk to her again, maybe she will respond maybe she won’t, but to her she’s not as excited anymore, and she might not be keen to go on a date with you anymore.

Maybe on the day you first talked to her she was in a good mood, on her day off, wanting to meet someone but now she isn’t or maybe she has since met someone else!

This is why this little tip of taking advantage of momentum is so important.

In my personal experience I have sort of “felt” this momentum thing in action over the years interacting with different girls.

Of course a true “yes” girl with be available to you for as long as she’s single and into you even if you fail to take advantage of momentum but often a yes girl can turn into a maybe or no girl if you don’t take advantage of momentum.

It’s just like in sales, you have a customer who is very interested in your product, they also have the money and the means of purchasing your product, but what do you do? You don’t ask for the sale and the customer goes home, sleeps on it, gets busy and forgets about your product or buys some other product.

You need to strike while the irons hot as they say.

How do you do this? When you talk to a girl in real life or on tinder for the first time or whenever she seems into you. You try to move things forward.

Ask for her number/insta or other contact info, ask her out, ask her to come over to your place.

Move things forward.

Remember the sales acronym ABC which means ALWAYS BE CLOSING

Momentum is important guys so take advantage of it to get girls easier.

Good luck!

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