Extreme Lay Count Guys


Here is a list of extreme lay count guys. Starting from 50 to 1000 +

Lay count isn’t everything as I explain in my article here.

But sleeping with a lot of girls isn’t something that every guy can/will do. So it’s something!

In this list I have included only guys who have definitely slept with a lot of girls.

A lot of people say gene Simmons and Charlie sheen have slept with a lot of girls and while they probably have we don’t know this.

The guys in my list including me I know have slept with a lot of girls because I have either seen firsthand or have conclusive evidence.

Not all these guys got girls because they approached them or have game, some of these guys are porn stars so it’s their job.

Here is the list, starting with the highest lay counts.

LAY COUNT 100-1000+


Porn star Johnny Sins. Lay count 1000+

Johnny Sins is a porn star that has been in over 1000 videos, a lot of those are with multiple girls.

You may have seen him over social media as he has become a bit of a meme lately.

He has been in the porn industry for a long time and has slept with so many hot pornstars that you have probably heard of.

Every guy wishes he was Johnny Sins!

Peter North. Lay count 1000+

Peter North is another long timer in the porn industry. He has been in thousands of videos and slept with many well-known pornstars.

Although he started in gay porn before he went into straight porn.

Bruce Venture. Lay count 400+ (and other pornstars)

Bruce Venture is a younger guy and newer to the industry but he is in a lot of videos with the current smoking hot pornstars.

He has over 400 videos on one porn site. I would estimate his been with 400 or 500 girls at this point. Mostly all smoking hot.

You could add other male pornstars to the above list. We have video evidence that they have fucked a lot of hot girls.

I secretly wish I was a pornstar just like every other guy haha.


Chris from goodlookingloser.com. Lay count 200+

Chris from good looking loser has videos of him picking up girls and also an audio of him fucking a girl.

I remember reading one of his articles where he said his lay count was over 200. I have no doubt in my mind that it is.

Scotty. Chris’s mate from GLL. Lay count 200+

Chris said his mate Scotty had an even higher lay count than him! While I don’t know the number. its over 200.

Paul Janka. Lay count 200+

Paul Janka is a day game guy and one of my favourite guys that I learned from when I was starting out.

I actually asked him on facebook years ago what his lay count was and it was 200+ back then.

He’s married now but I have no doubt in my mind that it is.

Thomas from boytoystory.com (deleted website)

There use to be a website called boytoystory.com that Thomas ran but he deleted it unfortunately.

Thomas is a guy from Denmark who had an awesome website where he taught self improvement and uploaded a diary/lay reports of his life and girls he fucked.

He detailed how he slept with 200+ girls and he was only in his early twenties!

Will Freeman from revolutionarylifestyledesign.com

In will freemans article, a definitive guide to dating statistics, he explains that his lay count is over 140.

Will does not bullshit about anything and I believe him 100%

Mystery the PUA. 100+

I’m not sure of mystery’s actual number but it would be a lot! All he did was go out and cold approach!

LAY COUNT. 50-100

My mate. Lay count around 100.

My mate who I won’t name is one of the only guys I know who has slept with a lot of girls, mostly from club/one night stand game.

He’s tall, muscular, has edge/tattoos, knows how to hold a conversation well and he’s a closer.

I have proof that he slept with tons of girls because I saw him take them home all the time.

Me. Lay count 80+

As of this article my lay count is 80+

While these days I’m not going just for lay count it is what it is.

I know a few other guys that might have big lay counts in my city. One is a male stripper lol. But I don’t have proof like I do with the above guys.

But I’m sure there are heaps of other guys out there doing big numbers.

That’s it guys. Just a simple list of some high lay count guys for your enjoyment.

Thanks for reading!

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