Every Job Is Just A Job

One thing I’ve learned over the years from trying out different courses and jobs is that every job is just a job! What do I mean by this?

Well after a while whatever job you do will become repetitive and you will get bored of it because you do the same things day after day after day for years.

Even you are really passionate about it, you might find that you will lose a bit of the passion for the job because you’re over doing it as it’s a requirement of the job.

You may find that what you studied for isn’t what you thought your job would involve. This is because the job is whatever the real world requires of it.

Why do jobs exist in the first place? You see, jobs are created because the economy demands it exist, let’s say you work for a company that makes food, like snacks, well then they need a report of the food that shows that the quality of the snacks is consistent and healthy enough to consume so the job of food laboratory technician is created.

You study a course which involves all the “interesting” parts about testing food and then you get a job at the company.

At the company your job involves the interesting to you testing part but it also involves a lot of other stuff like preparing, cleaning, shift work, working with the same co-workers day in day out which you might like or not like, training people, writing reports, doing things outside of your job description etc.

If this is your first career you might think “hmm this isn’t what I expected I will go back to study something else and get a different career” which cost you more time and opportunity cost of not working and going to study.

Now you might be one of the lucky people who find a career that they really like, never get bored off and is very fulfilling to them. If that’s you great, I’m happy for you and please don’t get negatively inspired by this article and question your job.

But if you’re not please understand that pretty much all jobs will be like this for you. Every job has its pros and its cons and unless you really hate and don’t like your job then sometimes it’s best to just grind it out so you can pay bills and make money to pay down debt, travel, invest and everything else instead of constantly quitting to try out a different career path.

If you want to make the move because you really want to and you think you are qualified for that other job then go for it and see how you go.

But remember, every job is a just a job.

It’s like if you ate your favorite food all the time you will eventually feel like trying something else.

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