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In order to be the best version of yourself, you need to eat right.

When you eat the right foods, your body will run the best it possibly can.

You will have more energy, you will have a stronger immune system, your skin, hair and eyes will be clear, every bodily function will work better, you will be stronger, you will protect yourself against illnesses and much more.

Your body wants to stay alive. Your body wants to be as healthy as it can be. When you get sick your body will fix itself. When you get hurt your body will heal itself. Your body wants to be the best version of yourself.

So why don’t you help your body and give it the food it wants in order to do the best by you?

Life on earth is all one. We started out as bacteria and over time we evolved into all the plants and animals we have today. As we evolved we ate what the earth produced.

Humans are about 200,000 years old. For most of that time humans ate natural unprocessed foods that the earth produced like fruits, vegetables, grains and animals.

It’s only the last hundred years or so we started to heavily fuck with food.

Civilization has changed faster than our evolution. Our bodies are not use to a lot of the foods we eat today. But because our bodies do such a good job of keeping us alive we still do ok.

So let’s get back to the basics and give our bodies the food it is use to, evolved to.

The food on our planet is our food. If aliens do exist and they came to earth our food and animals might be toxic to them and visa versa.

Pick up an apple. That apple is the result of thousands if not millions of years of evolution on earth. We have been eating that apple for thousands of years. You are as much the apple as the apple is you. You are not the frozen lean cuisine in your freezer. You are not a burger from a fast food place.

Your goal is to eat as much of the natural real foods as you can.

These are the foods you want to eat the most of.

All types of vegetables

All types of fruits

Nuts and seeds


Rice, Grains, bread is fine just try to eat the more grainy types like whole meal and rye etc.

Animals, lean meat, seafood, poultry etc.



Is it natural for a human to drink milk from a cow? No, even calves stop drinking milk from cows once they grow up a bit, why do humans drink milk from cows? It would make more sense for us to milk woman and bottle that, but that’s fucked up and weird haha but more logical than drinking cow’s milk. This is probably why over 70% of the world is lactose intolerant. Personally I don’t drink glasses of milk anymore, I may add a little milk to my coffee or into cooking but that’s it really. If you have no issue with milk and you really love it then drink as much as you want. Personally if I drink lots of milk I will probably get diarrhea and gas. I will be trying to substitute milk with almond milk or something like that in the future.

I also might add some cheese to a sandwich. I think higher quality cheeses and yogurts might have some benefits because they are fermented. The “probiotics”. So I do eat them.

“but what about calcium and strong bones?” new research suggest that calcium doesn’t you’re your bones strong like we thought, vitamin D does, and we get that from the sun and other food sources like leafy vegetables, same as calcium.

If you have no issues with dairy and you really like it then eat and drink as much as you want.


Turning grains into bread came in a little later, before that we were hunter gathers.  Some people are gluten intolerant which means they can’t eat grain products. If you are one of these people don’t eat gluten. I am not gluten intolerant so I do eat grain products. I think most people should be fine eating grains because it is quiet natural for us to consume it. Just try to stick with the higher quality more wholesome breads.


This is common sense, if you are allergic to something don’t eat it, for some reason your body doesn’t agree with that food. I for one am allergic to watermelon, I am the only person I know that is allergic to watermelon, it gives me a itchy sensation in my mouth and throat, it was worst when I was a kid and I have pretty much grown out of it now but I still avoid watermelon so I can avoid discomfort.


Like I said civilization has evolved faster than our bodies, now we have all sorts of processed and long lasting unnatural foods. Anything that is not like the above natural foods you should eat less of. But some foods are worse than others. Examples of such foods are.


Tran’s fats

Salty foods

Fried foods

Processed meats

Processed foods

Frozen meals

Biscuits, cakes etc.

You should do your best to minimize these foods.


This is simple advice. If you want to weigh less than you weigh now, eat less food than you are currently eating. If you want to weigh more than you weigh now, eat more food than you are currently eating. I know there is advice out there that says “yeah but if you have a high sugar meal your insulin rises and you store fat” well this is true only if you are in a calorie surplus, if you are in a calorie deficit it doesn’t matter if you have a high sugar meal it still won’t stick to you. And if you are following the advice of eating mostly the natural healthy foods you will be ok.


You don’t need heaps of protein like they say you need in body building articles, that’s bullshit. even if you do lift weights regularly, you only need about 60 grams of protein or so a day. you shouldn’t be eating heaps and heaps of meat either. Get most of your calories from the other good foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, rice, beans etc.

There is some studies that link high red meat consumption with cancer. I think this has more to do with processed meat but saying that I wouldn’t eat red meat every day anyway because you eat so many other proteins. mix up your meats. eat beef one day eat some chicken some days then some fish etc.


Vegetarian diets are bullshit. Vegans are even worst. They have deficiencies. if you died and your body was left in the wild or in the sea, animals will consume you. Its up to you if you want to be vegetarian. on the legit player diet you will be eating animals but not at the amount that body builders will be eating which is bullshit and unnecessary.


Low acid diet is bullshit.


The legit player diet means you will be eating mostly fruits, vegetables, beans, rice, whole grains with some lean meats and a little bit of dairy (optional) and of course some of the shitty junk foods we all love 🙂


So that’s the basic plan guys, but remember you only live once and you should definitely enjoy all the foods you want. I personally do eat fast food, chocolate, crisps, ice-cream, soft drink and all sorts of things occasionally. Life would suck without eating those types of foods. Remember even perfectly healthy people get fucked up illnesses like cancer. Or you could eat a flawless diet and get hit by a bus. I know some guys who eat like shit and smoke and drink and a still happy and healthy at the age of 50 and 60. Enjoy life. Remember your body will try to take whatever shit you throw at it and do the best with it, but don’t give your body a hard time all the time. Eat the foods you want but don’t eat them all the time.  Structure your diet so you are mostly eating the good stuff and treat yourself as well and you will be happier and healthier than most of the population.

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