Don’t Speed

How many times do you see on the news some poor kid dies while speeding or being in a car that was speeding? It happens a lot!

Young guys in their 20s love cars and love performance cars after watching movies like the fast and furious.

It’s a guy thing to get a sports car in their 20s and experience that.

The trouble is that a guy who has only had a license for a few years and has no experience with a performance car can get himself in a dangerous situation!

You might have taken a corner fast and done it many times before with now issue but the next time you do it there is sand, oil, leaves or water on the road and you lose control and hit the wall or go off the road into a tree or something.

Or maybe you didn’t anticipate the bumps in the road and the bump threw your traction out and you start sliding.

Perhaps you are speeding in a straight line way over the speed limit and some car that you thought could judge your speed and distance and wait before pulling onto the road pulls out and you hit it or swerve and hit another car or pedestrian.

These things happen all the time with guys in their 20s. You might not hurt or kill yourself but you might do that to your passengers or someone else.

Just don’t speed. Sure you can buy yourself a performance car and drive it a little bit spiritually but don’t drive recklessly, don’t speed and save the crazy driving for the track!

And don’t get in the car with anyone who is driving like that. A red flag you should be aware of is when one of your mates has bought a new performance car and you go for a drive with him in it. If the person driving you around is driving recklessly tell them to stop! If they continue get out of the car and avoid riding in their car again.

All this applies for motor bikes as well and other transportation.

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