Don’t Get Into Fights

You’re walking down a street in the city late at night on Saturday night around the club/bar district with your mate and in front of you two loud cocky tipsy looking dudes are walking towards you guys.

As they are about to pass one of them says something to trigger you or your mate like “faggot” or maybe they slightly bump you or step on your shoe.

You say “what did you say!” and the guys stop and say “what!?” “What are you going to do?!”

As you are thinking about what you are going to do his mate catches you off guard and punches you causing you to fall to the ground.

Then they both smash your friend to. You have a broken nose or cracked teeth and your mates got a fractured eye socket.

Consider yourself lucky, you could be in a coma or you could be dead if you hit your head on the pavement on the way down in the right way.

Or maybe the situation was different and you did that to them. It’s on CCTV and police saw the whole thing. You get charged for grievous bodily harm or man slaughter, you get a criminal record and jail time and rack up heaps of legal fees.

Avoid fighting as much as you possibly can. It doesn’t mean you’re not a man who can defend yourself it means you’re smart enough not to get hurt or hurt others and ruin your life by going to jail and getting a criminal record.

Do you know if you have a criminal record you can’t travel to certain places like America and you can get certain jobs? All over a petty fight with someone you didn’t know.

Avoid fights as much as you can. During my twenties I came close a few times to getting in fights but thankfully I never did. When I went clubbing and bumped into someone I just said “sorry man” and when someone on the street acted smart I just ignored it and kept walking.

I know many guys with criminal records from fights and some that did jail time.

The only time you should fight is if you really can’t get out of the situation and you are about to get attacked or someone close to you is about to get attacked and there’s no way out. In that case defend yourself to best of your ability.

It’s a good idea to train MMA for fitness and self-defence. The best ones to train are boxing, kick boxing, wrestling, Brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai and krav maga.

But don’t do full contact sparring or professional fights because you are damaging your body for no good reason.

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