Don’t Compare Yourself To Others!

Don’t compare yourself to others

We live in a time now where people are going on facebook and Instagram and seeing all these insta famous people living a better life than us!

We see better looking people, richer people, people with better bodies, better things, better houses, more time, not working, living off a passive income business, getting hotter girls, travelling all the time, doing new experiences!

And we think to ourselves (either consciously or not) “dam .. I wish I could have that” “I wish that could be me” “some people’s lives are so much better than mine” and other things like that.

And this isn’t just on social media, this also happens in real life.

We see people around us who seem to be doing better in life than us and we compare and feel like shit.

This is the time we live in right now and it’s very bad. All around the world many people are depressed, angry, sad and feeling all sorts of other negative emotions caused by comparing themselves to others. Some even go as far as to take their own life which is so sad.

A bad thing is many young impressionable people are growing up in this world. No wonder there is a lot of people on antidepressants.

It’s ok to see someone who has what you want and to model their success. But it’s not ok to always compare yourselves to them. That will never make you happy.

You see, no matter who you are there is always someone who has more than what you got!

You might becoming wealthy and have a net worth of $1 million dollars, but then there’s someone worth $5 million dollars, then there’s someone worth $20 million dollars, then there’s someone worth $20 million dollars but they got their in their late twenties or early thirties! Then there’s someone worth $100 million dollars and goes up all the way to the richest people in the world!

Or you might be worth $10 million dollars but there’s someone worth less than you who’s better looking and naturally gets hotter girls than you.

Or you might be worth millions but you are committed to a business that takes up all your time and someone else has a more passive business with no employees and can constantly roam the world.

You might have banged 20 girls, but someone else has banged 50, someone else has banged 100, then you see porn stars banging hundreds of hot girls!

You might have banged some girls who you think are pretty hot, like a 7 or 8 out of ten and those girls later tell you how your tall good looking friend is hot, and you see them get hotter girls easier than you when you put in more effort!

Or you might be smart and got into a good uni and into a good degree and you might get some of the highest grades in your class but there’s a few people in your class that are smarter than you! They pick things up faster and memories things faster and you feel unhappy!

These are just some examples, see what I mean?

The list goes on and on and who you’re comparing yourself to goes on and on, this is why you will never be happy unless your happy with yourself and your own progress.

You should only compete with yourself. There is a quote that says

“Look in the mirror, that’s your competition”

And it’s so true.

The only thing you should be doing is comparing how you were yesterday to today and be very happy with yourself.

Be grateful!

Remember, this works both ways, there is always some else worst off than you.

There’s someone with less money than you, less time than you, less looks than you, less success than you, has travelled to less places, less smarter, less happy, in a more troubled country etc etc and the list goes on.

You need to be very grateful for what you have today and be very proud of your own progress no matter how little you may have achieved.

Imagine yourself on an island and you’re the only person on that island going after what you want to make yourself happy! Each success you got you would feel awesome!

This is how you need to be, when you see someone do better than you in real life or on social media or whatever just recognize your thoughts and feelings and ignore them and remember this article!

Of course you can always learn from that person and model them, but not compare in a negative way.

And if you see them and feel bitter but you aren’t even trying to improve yourself well then you have no reason to feel bitter! Work on yourself and improve!

Another thing, those people who you see that a presumably doing better than you, well you never know what is going on in their life, maybe they are going through something really hard that you don’t know about.

What I like to do when I see people who I see are presumably in a better spot than me is to be happy for them. Be happy for them and then go back to focusing on yourself!

So every time you improve on yourself, improve your looks, save an extra dollar, build a gram of muscle, get a girls number, or get a date, or get laid, or get a girlfriend, or build a side income, or get some business success, or get a good score on a test, or travel, or improve your health or anything at all!




That’s it guys, good luck with your own gratitude, success and most important of all HAPPINESS!

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