Don’t Blow Money

One thing you will come to realise is it’s hard to make money but really easy to blow. For example you might work all day and make $20 and hour or less after tax and make $150 after tax for one day of your life at the end of the 8 hours because they didn’t pay you for your half an hour lunch break.

But you don’t think about that when you go to the casino on Saturday night and put $500 on red and lose it or when you shout a whole bunch of random people at the bar drinks and it cost you $100 or when you buy some toy or gadget that you use once or when you spend it on 15 drinks at a club at then catch an uber to another club and buy bottles and then catch a $40 uber home and you spent $300 that night.

Its ok to do these things once in a while but if you are consistently doing this by the end of the year and decade if you add it all up you would have blown 10s or thousands of dollars on shit!

You won’t even remember the money you blew but if you saved it you would still be enjoying the benefit of it today.

Again have fun from time to time but do it more like a few times a year thing and don’t blow money on other stupid things.

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