Does Money Help You Get Laid?

does money help you get laid

Does money help you get laid? Just ask Tony Montana “First you make the money, then you get the power, then you get the women”

Money is attractive to women; plain and simple, money is attractive to everyone.

Imagine an ancient tribe, the man with the most resources is the most attractive; a woman knows consciously or unconsciously that if she goes with this man, her chances of survival and the survival of her offspring increases, he is able to provide better food, shelter, clothing, security etc.

Fast forward to today and the same motivators exist, woman (especially as they get older 25+) are attracted to money.

Take two equal clones again, the clone with the high value home, cars; lifestyle etc. will be more attractive.

And I’m not talking about gold diggers, gold diggers are those woman who will directly go after a rich man just because of his money, they want to spend it for materialistic reasons and will happily date an old rich man hanging out till he dies and they can get a cut.

I’m saying that universally, money is attractive to woman.

In a clubbing/one night stand party situation, money has less weight, looks matter more in these situations.

But if a girl does find out about your money, she will be more attracted to you.

You will find many prank videos on YouTube of a guy trying to pick up a girl and getting rejected then he walks over to a Lamborghini or some other high value car and she immediately changes her mind.

Money matters more in poor countries than it does in richer countries, this is because a lot of people in these richer countries are already middle class and comfortable.

Having money will go an even longer way in some poor country, just be some tourist in Thailand or something and you will see how people respond to you, they know you have money.

Money matters more to older girls as they start to want to get married and have kids, they have grown up now and no longer want to get railed by jacked tatted guys in club toilets haha, now they want a stable man with wealth who can provide value to their life and the life of their offspring.

This is why playing the whole I have money look doesn’t get you too far when you are in your teens and twenties, unless you live in a poor country that is. These younger girls are more concerned about partying and sleeping with the hot, cool guy not the skinny sleazy guy who overspent on Prada sunglasses, a Versace t-shirt and a 2008 BMW 320i.

But as you get older money matters more, you will be at an advantage with the higher value older girls.

So what can do in this area? Well to attract the really hot novelty girls you probably need to be super rich, a business owner, pulling in real big money.

But to be financially well off and attractive you can, own a house, preferably a nice one in a nice area, own a nice car, don’t have a lot of debts and don’t complain about financial difficulties, have a good job that pays a decent salary, basically read my other articles on my site about money.

Here’s a link to the best money making books

I should mention now that doing these things in this article will not only make you a more attractive human man, but also improve your own life.

Another way money can help you get laid is because it can purchase it directly.

What i mean by this is a lot of guys exchange money for sex with escorts, strippers and sugar babies. this is a direct and obvious way money will get you laid.

So in summary, money wont always get you laid, sometimes the girl cares more about other things like your looks, but in certain situations money does make you attractive to her, and if that doesn’t work money can be exchanged for sex directly lol.

Thanks for reading have a nice day 🙂

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