A Difficult Woman Remains Difficult

One thing I learned from Paul Janka that has proved to be true to this day is that a difficult woman remains difficult.

What this means is that when a girl is difficult to pick up, make plans with, takes ages to txt back, cancels dates, doesn’t have sex, screws you around etc. it means she will always be like that and the best thing to do Is stop trying with her and find a yes girl.

He explains in his books that there a 3 types of girls. Yes, no and maybe.

The yes girls are a breeze. They might approach you, they are enthusiastic, happy, easy to pick up, txt, meet up with, and sleep with.

The no girls are just that. You won’t even get the number or get through the open. They might have a bf or some other reason. That’s fine just walk away.

The maybe girls are where guys get caught up and even I get caught up with these girls to this day.

They seem interested, give you their number, agree to meet up. But then you see that you will text them and they text back hours or even days later! its 2018, every girl is glued to their phone. Then you plan a date with them and they cancel last minute or can never seem to have a day free. But they still act interested and agree to meet up again at a later date.

Or you might meet up with them and they give you indicators of interest but you can never seem to sleep with them after a few dates.

This is why after 3 dates or so if I haven’t slept with the girl I will probably stop talking to her.

Another thing these difficult maybe girls do is all of the above but when you post something on social media they will like it or comment on it. They seem to be in it for the attention or something.

This is why it’s funny when guys say things like “oh man that girl wants to fuck me” because they are talking online or snap chat or something. No man, she doesn’t want to fuck you. She likes the attention. Until you try to meet up with her, ask her on a date, move forward with her. You will see what happens. (ABC ALWAYS BE CLOSING)

It’s very important to identify these difficult girls early on and stop talking to them. There are plenty of yes girls out there and when you find them you will be amazed how much easier it is and wish you didn’t waste any time on those difficult girls.

Another thing I have realised is you could have come across a difficult girl that you could not get with and months or years later you somehow start talking to her again and guess what. She hasn’t changed. She might be super friendly because she hasn’t seen you in a while but you ask her to catch up and same flakey bullshit. And then you find out from other guys that she was the same with them.


Focus on the YES girls! They deserve to hang with you.


  1. Well put player I completely agree. Women love attention it’s like oxygen to them if they won’t put any skin in the game (meet you in person) delete and move on!

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