Control What You Can Control

Recently I have come to realise an important mindset.


What does this mean exactly?

I have noticed recently that when you explain to others your goals or certain things you want to do in life they sometimes give you a negative objection/opinion.

It’s hard to explain but for example you might tell someone you don’t want to drink a lot of alcohol anymore because of the health consequences and they might say “yeah well some people eat very healthy and exercise their whole life and still get cancer at the age of 30”

Yeah unfortunately this is true but if alcohol and cigarettes are scientifically proven to cause cancer then wouldn’t not abusing them lower your odds of getting cancer then someone who smashes it?

I know some people are so unfortunate to get cancer or some other disease when they are young and I feel sorry for these people because life is not fair sometimes. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to go and drink heavy every weekend, smoke and do drugs! Because it’s important to control what you can control.

Same goes for eating. I don’t just eat junk food all the time because some people do and live to an old age with no health issues. I try to eat healthy most of the time.

I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself. I sometimes go out for a night out; I also occasionally eat junk food. Because you only live once. But make the right choices most of the time and control what you can control.

You might be single and having casual sex with different girls. You might be smart about it and where a condom to avoid std’s and getting the girl pregnant or might go raw and cum inside every girl who says she’s on birth control. Do you really want to put the decision to be a father in the hands of a girl you just met? Because that’s exactly the risk you are taking. And trust me this happens to a lot of guys each year. Wear a condom with casual partners and if you must go raw. Make sure she’s on some form of birth control and still use the pull out method. Unless you have had a vasectomy. But you get the idea. CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL

There are so many other examples in life where people blame others or life in general but the truth is it was there fault for not being accountable.

Don’t complain to someone that you were late because the traffic was bad today. Leave earlier. If it’s a wet day, cars will be driving slower. So leave even earlier.

Another thing is money. I want to be financially independent one day. So I save most of my money and only spend on things I really want like holidays or my car.

Others might say I need to live more for today because you never know what can happen which is true but hopefully I do live a long time. I’m not going to spend all my money today. It’s all about balance.

So I prefer to plan my life and control what I can control. I’m prepared to make changes if I need to as life goes on. I make sure I’m grateful every day for what I have today while planning for what I want tomorrow. They say life is what happens when you’re too busy making plans which is true if you are not balanced but if you take control of your future your life tomorrow will be even better than today!

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