Consistent Daily Happiness


Everything people do is to avoid pain and move towards happiness. Literally everything.

We go to bed at night so we can get enough sleep so we feel good tomorrow.

We eat so we feel good and don’t die.

We have a shower so we feel good.

We go to work so we make money to survive because living in a house feels better than living on the street.

We have hobbies that make us feel good.

We do things in our spare time that make us feel good.

We don’t do risky things like speed or fight some junkie who said something to us because we don’t want to risk pain or permanent injury or jail time that will affect our happiness.

Literally everything we do is to move towards pleasure and away from pain.

We are actually very emotionally driven. Someone can say they are logically driven and not emotionally driven but they are still emotionally driven because they are moving towards pleasure and away from pain.

For example, someone might say “bob bought a loud, powerful mustang because he is stupid and emotionally driven, I’m logically driven and I bought a Toyota corolla! I’m smarter than bob!”

But think about what he is really saying “I bought a cheaper, cheaper to run car (Toyota corolla) so I can save money that I will use to increase my net worth which makes me FEEL SECURE.

Bob bought the mustang to make him FEEL PLEASURE, the “logically driven guy” bought the cheap to run car because he wants to use those savings for financial security so he FEELS HAPPIER

Both are emotionally driven.

I use to think I was logically driven until I realised this.

Even someone who gives to charity is doing it because it makes them feel good.

So everyone tries to move towards pleasure and avoid pain.

You might think “so then why don’t we just do heroin and mdma all day every day?”

Some people do, but this is self-destructive  long term, and inevitably will result is FEELING UNHAPPY

Same with cigarettes, people smoke them because of the short lived good feeling they get, but long term this results in a lot of money blown on them and bad health which will result in feeling unhappy.


You need to strive to create a life that allows you to be consistently happy every day for the rest of your long life.

Would you rather have sex with a hot girl once? Say a hooker, or would you rather pick up a hot girl and have sex with her many times for months or even years?

Would you rather a short high from a cigarette and then wake up at 50 one day and you have spent 200k after tax dollars on ciggies? Plus you might have a health problem? Or would you rather quit today and eat healthy, exercise, and save money and health?

Would you rather do a job you hate or get a job you like better or a business you like?

Would you rather keep negative bad people in your life or surround yourself with people who make your life happier.

You need to think about what will make you happy on a daily basis and structure your life around that.

But if it’s long term destructive then don’t do it, or do it less often. (Getting drunk and having fun once in a while is ok) provided most of the time you are focusing on being long term consistently happy.

Some things I do on a daily basis to make me consistently happy are

Getting sufficient sleep

Approaching girls I like, sleeping with them and continuing to sleep with them

Eating mostly healthy and exercising 4-5 days a week

Being positive, having a great mindset

Conquering any fears/anxieties


Being ahead of my bills

Having a tidy room and car

And many other things

The point is to do things that will make you happy today as well as tomorrow!

Good luck guys!


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