Competition is the reason you don’t have an abundance of 10 out of 10 fuck buddies you see every night of the week.

Competition is the reason you aren’t rich.

Competition is the reason you aren’t a famous athlete.

Competition is the reason you aren’t a famous actor, musician.

Competition is the reason you can’t get traffic to your online business.

Competition is the reason you can get a cheap flight from New York to LA

Competition is the reason amazing new products like the smart phone come out every year.

Competition is the reason we are growing.

As you can see competition is everywhere. Whether we like it or not, we have competition.

You might have your eyes set on a girl but that girl has other guys after her to. Guys who are taller, better looking, with better social skills, higher status and richer.

She has plenty of options, the hotter she is, the harder the competition.

A Victoria secret model isn’t going to date you, she is going to date a famous athlete or movie star or something, if you don’t believe me look up who they are dating.

You can’t just be lazy and be yourself and expect to have an abundance of woman in your life that are above your sexual market value.

The same goes for money, the reason getting rich is so hard is because everyone is trying to get money, think of the economy as a giant tug of war.

There is always someone who can do your job better, faster and for less pay.

When there is money to be made in a new business/industry/career, it won’t take long for others to catch on and get in and before you know it that market is saturated.

Think of drop shipping as an example.

Another example is when I search for jobs paying 200k a year, there are a lot of senior positions like CFO, CEO, senior engineer manager, doctor, lawyer and other highly skilled jobs that take years to work into (barrier of entry/competition), then in all that are house sales jobs.

These jobs always advertise 200k+ on target earnings!!! No experience required!! Sounds great hey? Yes it does, but guess what, I see these same jobs by the same company advertised all the time, which means that people are starting, realising they aren’t making much compare to the hours and weekend work and quitting.

I even went to one of these places for an interview once. A new home sales job for a home building company. They said they give a 30k a year retainer and you get 6k commission a house and the retainer disappears after 3 months. And because you are a sole trader you don’t get paid superannuation (9% of salary in Australia) and all the other benefits of being an employee at a normal job.

But all that would be worth it if you are making 200k a year right? Of course! But I decided to do more research and ask people I knew who worked in the industry.

I found out that the average person sells 1 house a month!

Let’s do the math; $6000 times 12 is $72000 a year! And that’s with you giving up your weekends to sit in display homes.

Also you need to deduct your own super out of that because you are considered a sole trader so take 9% super and you’re left with $65500.

Let’s say you are exceptional and work really hard and sell 2 a month that’s $144,000 a year ($131000 minus super).

That’s really good and worth the hours of that job but it’s not the 200k advertised is it?

That’s because of competition, you have other home builders, other agents and other home designs all working against you and only a limited amount people who are buying.

200k is probably someone who was at the top of the game in the best time of the new home property market and they can get away with advertising that amount of money now even if it is a down market. See what I mean? Competition.

Saying that, if you do want to get into real estate and try to make over 200k a year, go for it! work as hard as you can and work smart and give it your best shot and you might out do the competition and make that much money!

If money was easy to make, everyone would be rich, if getting a lot of girls was easy you would be getting the sex life of your dreams.

Think of it like this, imagine you were the only man on earth, but every single woman on earth was still here, you would have them all lining up to have sex/breed with you and you could just sit there and choose the hottest ones out of the bunch. Which would be more smoking hot girls than you could sleep with in your lifetime.

Imagine if you owned an entire industry, imagine if you owned the only smart phone company and no other company could produce smart phones, you would be mega rich.

So competition is the main reason your life lacks abundance, but it also has its benefits.

The same way guys compete with others to increase their value (go gym, get a cool haircut, dress stylish, approach more etc.) the same way companies work hard improving their products to remain competitive in the market.

If you owned the only smart phone company you would get very rich but you wouldn’t strive to improve the phone because what’s the point?

Competition is like a kick in the ass to people to innovate, redesign, improve and work harder to increase value.

Does this mean you have to constantly try to compete with others for money, girls or whatever you want?

No you don’t, and if you think like this all the time you might feel unhappy, but bare in mind that whether you like it or not you are being competed against.

You are either competing or you are staying the same and over time that means you are competing less and less.

For example, let’s say when you met your girlfriend/wife you were in shape because you were hitting the gym, you were stylish, had a good personality and everything else that made you get her in the first place. Then you became a couple and you, like a lot of guys let your guard down and got lazy and comfortable, you stopped training, got skinny or fat, became boring, less sexy etc.

Then she gets bored and comes along a guy at her work or something that is everything you were when you met her because he is staying at the top of his game, she might cheat on you with him.

Even if she doesn’t cheat she might wish she was with him or something like that.

(Not all girls are like this, but it is human nature)

So know that the world is a competition whether you like it or not and it’s good to strive to be the best version of you that you can be.

Am I saying you need to compete until you are the best person in the world of what you want to be? No, that’s impossible.

If you aren’t tall and naturally athletic no matter how bad you want it you will probably not be a professional basketball player.

If you aren’t a tall good looking high status guy it’s going to be pretty hard to fuck 10s consistently.

If you don’t have a banging business idea it’s going to be very hard to become a multimillionaire before you’re young enough to enjoy it.

But I want you boys to compete to the best of your ability. I want you boys to become the best versions of yourselves! That’s what my site is all about, that’s what I’m about.

Go to the gym, eat healthy, make money, read my money articles, get your mind strong, stay positive and out of depression, make the most of each day, get shit done, get good style, work hard at your goals, work hard and approach a lot more girls than other guys do, and that’s the best thing you can do.

There is no point is complaining about being competed against, it gets you know where, the only thing you can do is strive to be the best version of you!



And guess what, you will improve, you will get better looking, you will make more money, you will get more and hotter girls, you will be happier, you will have more freedom!


What happens to the attractive guy who has a girl checking him out but he doesn’t have the balls to approach her? She walks off and its game over.

Or the guy who doesn’t act on some other opportunity? Game over.

As this old guy at my work always says

If you snooze you loose.

Good luck!

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