Life is all about making choices. Where you are today is a reflection of the choices you have made in the past.

You make good choices or you make bad choices. Over time these add up. If you consistently make bad choices in life, you will end up in a bad place. The opposite is true for good choices.

Some choices you make only once and they can affect you for the rest of your life (if you are alive)

For example if you choose to speed and drive recklessly, you could crash and kill yourself or others. You could die, get permanently injured or end up in jail.

You might make a choice to get drunk or do drugs and do something stupid that you can’t come back from.

Or maybe you make a choice to get into a car with your friend who is driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

You might get into a fight and injure or kill someone or yourself.

Some bad choices aren’t so catastrophic, but add up over time.

If you smoke a few cigarettes today you will be fine. But if you smoke a pack a day for 40 years you would have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on something that is damaging to your health.

If you waste your money all the time on little things it all adds up over time. Wouldn’t it be better to save on the little things so you can use your money on becoming financially free? Travel? Or something else you really want?

If you eat nothing but junk food all the time you will look like shit, feel like shit and eventually have health problems.

If you work in a blue collar work environment you might get away with not wearing the correct safety equipment most days but one day you could get seriously hurt or killed.

If you make the choice to think unproductive negative thoughts on a daily basis you will end up in a bad place.

Now let’s think about if we make good choices consistently.

You maintain a productive positive mindset, you don’t smoke, you don’t get drunk all the time or do drugs, you take care of the one body you have, you eat healthy, exercise, drive safe, don’t get into fights, manage your money well, wear a condom.

Over time these good daily choices add up and you will always be better off.

When you are young is when your choices have the most power. A really bad choice can have a catastrophic impact on your life for the rest of your life.

Daily good and bad choices when you’re young will have huge impacts later in your life.

Think of your life like a plane travelling in a straight line. If you turn the plane slightly to the left and hold it there, you will travel only a small distance off course at the start of your journey, but towards the end of your journey you will be hundreds or thousands of miles off course. The trick is to try and steer that plane on the good journey and keep it there.

So every day I want you to think about the choices you are making and make the best choices you can. Of course you don’t have to be a saint, you can still eat junk food and drink alcohol sometimes but the point is you should focus on making good choices consistently over your life.

It’s so important! Thanks for reading.

A couple of great movies on choices are the butterfly effect and click.

A good chapter to read on the subject is chapter 24 of the millionaire fast lane.


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