Check If She Has A Wedding Ring!

Hey guys!

Today I have a quick tip when approaching women. This tip will save you a lot of approaches that go nowhere. It’s saved me many times.

What is the tip?


It’s that simple!

When you see a woman you like and want to approach, if she looks older than about 25, have a quick look at the her hand and see if she has a ring on her marriage finger!

This has saved me from approaching many time!

When you approach a girl it can require a lot of time, energy, emotional energy, effort, thick skin and skill.

And then  3 out of 4 times or so she will say she is married or has a boyfriend or some other answer which means she’s not available.

So save yourself the effort and just check her finger before you go in.

Some guys would say “oh but that doesn’t mean anything she might not be happily married or I can seduce her with my game and make her cheat or maybe she’s just wearing a wedding ring for some reason”

Look, yes some married women cheat but in reality most of the time a married woman is not going to give you her number or sleep with you so just make it easier for yourself and don’t go for married women, besides, do you really want to sleep with a married woman? I don’t!

So yeah a wedding ring has a good use doesn’t it! How good would it be if all the girls who would say yes had like a little light hovering above them lol that would be the best!

But back to reality the wedding ring is the best symbol that the girl you want to talk to is a no girl!

That’s it guys, make it easier for yourselves and check if she has a wedding ring.

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