Don’t Blow Money

March 1, 2020 Admin 0

One thing you will come to realise is it’s hard to make money but really easy to blow. For example you might work all day […]

Don’t Speed

March 1, 2020 Admin 0

How many times do you see on the news some poor kid dies while speeding or being in a car that was speeding? It happens […]

Don’t Get Into Fights

March 1, 2020 Admin 0

You’re walking down a street in the city late at night on Saturday night around the club/bar district with your mate and in front of […]

Learn Housekeeping

March 1, 2020 Admin 0

Whether you are still living with your parents or you live on your own it’s a good thing to learn housekeeping, things like cooking, cleaning, […]

Try New Experiences

March 1, 2020 Admin 0

When you think about it, life is one big experience, you are experiencing reality and everything about it. Throughout your life you have experienced different […]

Work Consistently

March 1, 2020 Admin 0

Some good advice for people is to work full time consistently! Let’s say someone is 20 years old, they might be almost through uni, almost […]

Avoid Toxic People

March 1, 2020 Admin 0

You should avoid people who may bring negative experiences and danger into your life. These are called toxic people and associating with them will get […]

Time Flies

January 30, 2020 Admin 0

Time flies, I’m turning 30 this year and I’m thinking back to how fast the last 5 years went. 5 years ago I was on […]