Bottle Your Confidence

In this article I am going to teach you a simple but highly effective way to increase your self-confidence.

I learnt this trick from an eBook called the players black book which I bought off years ago when I was first starting out with self improvement. All credits go to Kris the site owner for this trick.

I will write an in depth article about confidence but for now I will like to give you this simple but powerful trick you can start using today.

Ok so here it is,

You know we are all told that bottling up feelings and thoughts is bad for us? And that we should get it off our chest and talk about it? Well now you are going to do the opposite!

Now I’m not talking about sad, angry, worrying things. Everyone is telling the truth, you shouldn’t bottle those up, talking about them is a good thing to do.

What I am talking about is your successes! You are going to bottle them up inside and zip your lips!

Whenever you tell people about some success you had like “remember that hot chick from the bar last week? Yeah I slept with her” or “I made this much money the other day” you are subconsciously reducing the importance of the particular event in your mind. The act of trying to “prove” yourself to other people is actually a display of insecurity, and in the back of our minds we all know that to be true. When you talk to others about these successful things that you did you are actually lowering your confidence without even knowing it.

If you never tell anyone about your personal life, you will notice that your self-confidence will shoot through the roof! This will continue to grow due to the building up factor, your successes keep building up inside you and you feel awesome because it’s your little secret and you don’t have to prove yourself to people.

So when you go on holiday and you sleep with that model, keep your mouth shut. The rewards are far better than being able to tell a story to your friends which will only make you look cool for the moment.

Any man that truly has confidence does not need to talk about who he sleeps with because he already knows he’s the man.

You should start to develop a state of mind in which you couldn’t care less about other people knowing your business. You know where you’ve been and what you’ve done, and that is all that matters. Once you have achieved this you will no longer have to prove yourself to anyone, because they will think highly of you simply by the confidence you display.

This also works with woman. Never try to brag about your ex-girlfriends or your flings to a girl you are trying to pick up. Most guys think when they do this they are impressing the girl but actually it will have the opposite effect. Woman are much more attracted to men they think a lot of woman are attracted to, not by guys who try to tell them about how many girls they get.

Now I know I might sound like a hypocrite now because I’m about to tell you a story about my success but its only to prove the point of this article haha.

So last weekend me and my mates went out to a bar and I left early and met up with a new girl who I slept with on the first date.

Now my mate rang me the next day to tell me he that he also slept with a chick that night as well and then he asked me how my night was.

I could have told him I also slept with a girl and “compete” with him but you know what I did, I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t tell him, yeah fair enough my mate probably thinks he is a pimp or something that he go laid and his other mates didn’t but because I didn’t say anything I actually feel way better about myself. And if you understand this article we can be sure that when he was telling me his story, he was subconsciously reducing the importance of it to himself and probably felt less significant about it once he hung up.

So from now on guys try out this little experiment and let me know how it goes in the comments below.


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