Body Language

body language

Body language is really important. It is often said that most communication is non verbal.

The way you stand, move your body, eye contact, tonality etc. say more than the words that you are actually saying. This is especially true when you’re talking to girls.

You should be keeping good body language at all times. After a while it will become a habit that you do automatically.

Good body language shows to others that you are a man of status, confidence, strength and a lot of other good things.

Just think, if you were rich, high status, capable, got a lot of hot girls and were just in general smashing it at life. How would your body language be? Would be shy and timid looking at the ground? Or would you walk tall and talk to people with strength?

Below is a list of good body language that you should implement from now on.

Stand tall, as if a string is pulling your head and spine straight up towards the ceiling. Head up, shoulders back, chest out. (But don’t overdo it, be relaxed)

Move around in relaxed, open, deliberate movements, not fast and fidgety but not to slow either.

Don’t look at the ground or shoes especially when talking to girls, look up, make eye contact.

Hold eye contact most of the time when talking to people, look away periodically.

When you see a girl walking towards you. Hold eye contact with her. If she doesn’t look away keep looking at her then give her a smile.

Don’t cross your arms when talking to people. Have open relaxed arms to your sides.

Don’t lean into people in conversation. Sit up straight or lean back.

Have a confident, clear, powerful tone of voice and speak at the right speed. Not to slow and lazy and not too fast. Speak with just enough enthusiasm. Speaking just a little bit faster than you do if you’re a slow speaker will seem like you are more switched on and smarter.

When you’re talking to girls. Speak like the above but also have a playful, flirty tone.

When sitting down. Lean back, legs and arms out open. Take up space. Be relaxed.

Smile. Don’t smile all the time but try not to look depressed, angry or sad.

Don’t be fidgety when talking to girls. Be relaxed, open, stand tall and hands by side.

Don’t have your hands in your pockets.


Her legs are crossed towards you when sitting down next to her.

She’s facing you

She’s holding eye contact with you

She is happy, engaged and interested in general

She’s licking her lips or putting lip gloss on when close to you or talking to you

She plays with her hair or jewellery.

Her pupils dilate

She faces her side of neck to you

She fidgets and adjust her clothes

She leans into you

When you are walking towards her and you make eye contact she touches her hair or adjust her clothes. Or holds eye contact.

She sits up straight when talking to you

She plays with her glass/straw while talking to you

She touches you, playfully hits you, pinches you

Thanks for reading guys, start improving your body language today and you will get better results with woman and life!


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