“There Are Billions Of Girls In The World”


The population of the world as of 2017 is 7.5 billion with about half of that being woman.

I often here guys say things like “why would I settle down with one girl when there are billions of girls in the world” or something like that and I agree I use to think like that as well.

I’m not saying I will or won’t be in a monogamous relationship one day but I want to explain that this abundance of woman mentality is to some degree an illusion.

I will explain.

I have done quite a lot of travelling the world during my twenties and I was single. I have visited a number of places including Europe, USA and Asia.

Travelling really opens your eyes to how many attractive women there are in this world. Go to a country like Singapore and you will see thousands of attractive Singaporean girls, Thailand for hot tanned Thai girls, Japan for hot pale Japanese girls, USA for hot Caucasian, African American and Latina girls, Europe for hot European girls. The world is literally infested with attractive girls! “10s” are literally everywhere!

This gives you a mentality that hot woman are so abundant and you could be sleeping with so many of these hot woman.

A lot of men are monogamous or married with a really good girl for them and they think about this “abundance” and they question if they should leave her because they feel like they are missing out.

But I’m going to explain why this abundance is somewhat of an illusion.

Getting laid or getting a girlfriend/wife is a numbers game, and the numbers you need to play are big.

For every 100 girls you approach during the day, you will probably sleep with 1 or 2, if you sleep with 5 of those girls you are doing very well, but for the majority of men you will get with anywhere from 0 to 1 or 2 girls. FOR EVERY 100 THAT YOU APPROACH!

These aren’t numbers pulled out of thin air, these are taken from both my own statistics and the statistics of top players like Paul Janka, Chris from good looking loser, Krauser and a few other sources.

And these statistics are similar even if you are very attractive man because of mathematical limitations in life.

For every 100 girls you approach, a lot will be married or have a boyfriend, they might be busy, they might not be interested for a million different reasons that have nothing to do with your looks, they might be having a bad day, they might be too shy, or for heaps of different reasons you will simply not end up anywhere with these girls that you approach.

Another is competition. Half of the population of the world is thirsty guys like yourself competing to get that same girl haha.

And these same limitations work the same in whatever country you are in, and added with a language barrier it can be even worse!

Another problem is logistics. There are billions of woman in the world but at any given time you only realistically have access to woman within a 50km radius or so. Even 100km was too far for me on tinder so I had to shorten the distance because I wasn’t prepared to drive an hour out of my city into the next town.

At any given moment you have access to the girls around you and all those attractive girls that are in abundance around the world may as well not even exist!

When you are in another country you will have access to them but most of the time you don’t.

Tinder did make things a lot easier though, with tinder you know that every girl on there is single and looking. And you see how many girls you need to swipe to get laid?

Think back before tinder when the only way to meet girls was to cold approach in a club or during the day.

On a positive note guys if you follow my how to get laid guides you will sleep with as many girls as you can possibly get despite these limitations but I just wanted to make clear that this “abundance of woman all over the world that you can get mentality” is flawed.

So don’t think the grass is always greener on the other side guys 😉

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