Be Grateful


In this article I will explain why you should be grateful everyday.

A lot of people are always comparing themselves to someone better than them and not being happy with what they have now. They see that someone else is happier, richer, taller, better looking, gets more girls, gets hotter girls, has an easier life, is more popular, is luckier or whatever else.

You will never be happy when you compare yourself to others because the truth is there is always going to be someone better than you. You should compete with no one but yourself and celebrate your successes while moving forward.

I wish people who want to kill themselves read my article and realise that there is so much to live for and that life is precious so why cut it short?

You will die someday, I will, everyone will, but why kill yourself? Is it that bad?

There are people with fucked up illnesses spending their days in hospital beds wishing they could be healthy just to go for a walk outside. Wishing they could be at least someone healthy just to live a NORMAL AVERAGE LIFE.

Think about that. There are people in the world who wish they could live just a normal life! If only they could trade life and health with people who want to kill themselves.

There is a scene in the movie fight club where Edward Norton is depressed telling Tyler Durden about how his apartment blew up and how he had everything in that apartment and it was close to being perfect and Tyler said “it could be worst, a woman could cut off your penis while you are sleeping and toss it out of the window of a moving car” and Edward goes “there’s always that”

Edward Norton was acting like it was the end of the world but Tyler had the more positive care free attitude which is better.


You are alive, that’s crazy, you actually alive in this world and reading this right now, you were actually incarnated and spawned into this world and are experiencing LIFE, REALITY, all the sights, sounds, feelings, taste, experiences, EVERYTHING! Do you know how amazing that is when you think about it?

Do you have eyes with good eye site? A lot of people have really bad eye sight.

Do you have two eyes with bad eye sight? Some people are blind, they can’t see at all and may of never seen anything because they were born that way.

Do you only have one eye? Some people have no sight.

Do you have two arms, two legs? Some people have one arm or one leg.

If you have one arm or leg, be grateful that you still have one left. Some people have no legs or no arms.

Can you hear well? Are both ears working? Some people have no hearing in one or both ears.

Some are deaf, some are born deaf.

Are you deaf but still have your site? Be grateful.

Are you in good health? Do you feel ok or if you have some discomforts are they minor?

A lot of people have to live with all sorts of illnesses and discomforts.

Do you have one or both of your parents? Do you get to see them? Do they love you? Grandparents? Be grateful.

Do you have good friends?

Do you have a great family? A girl who loves you? Great kids?

Are you single but have great girls in your life? Can you get girls?

Are you attractive? In good shape? High value? Tall? Be grateful for that and that you will have an easier time getting girls, friends, status and all sorts of things because we live in an animalistic world.

Do you have good finances? Are you comfortable? If you lose your job will you be ok? Do you have a job? I know you might hate your job but some people wish they had your job or a job.

Do you have the job you actually wanted?

Do you have a successful business? Do you have a business you are actually passionate about? If you do and it’s successful be grateful.

Do you live in a good country? Are you safe and comfortable? Do you have good opportunities because you are in a good country?

These are just some things to be grateful guys, there are so many more when you think about it!

So be grateful every day, when you are having a shit day and you start feeling depressed have a think about what you are grateful for and you will be happy!

Thanks for reading guys!

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