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I used to be messy. I use to be like the average guy.  I would have my clothes spread out on the floor of my room. I would have all sorts of things inside and on top of my draws. My car would be dusty and the inside would have some sand and grass on the floor as well as empty water bottles. My phone and laptop would have all sorts of random apps, documents, images and notes that I didn’t use.

I use to think, what’s the point of keeping things clean and tidy when it’s just going to get messy again?

One day I decided to change.

One of the reasons was that I was already being forced to keep my area at work clean by my managers; this eventually created a good habit for me to keep my own things tidy.

Another reason was a few girls I bought home had said my room was messy and I should pick my clothes off the floor.

It wasn’t until I had a think about it I realized how powerful it is to keep your home, work space, car, electronics and everything else in your life clean and tidy.


What is feng shui? Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy about arranging your living spaces so it is in harmony with energy.

An example of bad Feng Shui would be having a corner of a wall facing you where you sit or sleep. The corner of the wall is directing bad energy at you so you should sit/sleep somewhere else or put a pot plant or some other soft object on the corner to soften the energy.

Whether there is such a thing as energy and Feng Shui I don’t know. But what I do know is that when my room was messy and I turned my lights off and went to bed. I could just feel like my room had bad energy in it. I felt more agitated and less relaxed.

When my work space was clean and tidy I felt better. When my car was clean and tidy it felt better.

Being clean and tidy will improve the energy of your environment. When you live with clutter you will consciously or subconsciously feel more uneasy.

Nick Kelly (Victor Pride) actually mentions something similar in his podcast here.


A more obvious benefit of keeping everything clean and tidy is hygiene. Although I was sometimes a messy person. I would always be hygienic. I never left food or drink bottles in my room or left the bathroom floor or bench wet or anything.

If you are someone who leaves food and stuff in your house for days you really need to sort your life out.

Having food and empty drink bottles and glasses lying around can turn moldy, can attract ants and other bugs, and can be unhealthy in other ways.

You need to regularly take out the rubbish, clean your bathroom and clean your kitchen.

Hygiene is very important.

Self-image and image to others.

Let’s say your friend comes and picks you up. he or she comes and gets you in their car. Its not a bad car it’s an average car but there is dust, bird poop and water marks on the outside of the car. You sit inside and you need to flick some sand off the seat first. You also don’t have much leg room because of all the bottles and food bags lying around. The car also smells bad.

You then arrive at your friend’s house. You pull up to the drive way and you notice the pavement is all old looking with weeds growing through it. the plants are all dead or un-maintained and grass is long. You enter the house and everything is a mess. Clothes lying around. Dirty dishes on the bench. The bathroom smells like wet towels and you can see mold on the walls and roof. You also almost trip on something on the floor that should not have been there.

Now imagine that same friend picked you up in the same car however the car looks nice and clean and shiny on the outside. The inside is clean, vacuumed and smells fresh.

You pull up to the house and the pavement looks almost new and the plants and grass is well maintained and green.

You walk inside and the house smells fresh and looks clean. The bathroom, kitchen and everything else is clean and has place.

Which scenario would you prefer to be in? Which would make you feel better? Which friend would you like more? Which friend would you respect more?

Being a clean and tidy person shows that you have pride, self-respect and discipline. Have you noticed that they teach being clean and tidy to soldiers? Because it makes you a better person.

When your life is organised you are better able to operate.


The best way to consistently be clean, tidy and organised is to have a schedule.

For example.

Wash car every week or 2 weeks.

Take out trash on this day.

Keep room clean daily.

Change bed sheets every 2 weeks.

Clean bathroom every x weeks etc.

You need to make your own plan and stick to it. That way you will always be consistent.


Being a minimalist means you have a minimal amount of things that you own. If you don’t own many things you won’t have many things to keep tidy and organised.

Will freeman from revolutionary lifestyle design has a great article on living like a minimalist here. He also has a few other great articles on the subject of organisation.

Start becoming a clean and tidy person today!

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