Balance Is One Of The Keys To Happiness

One thing I have learned about life in the last few years is


A balanced life is really important to feel secure, fulfilled, satisfied and happy!

If you work all the time, you will feel unhappy because you will sacrifice family, social life, free time, fun and your health.

If all you do is see your friends and have fun and never make money, you will eventually become unhappy when you don’t have money and can’t pay for things.

If you are always super strict with your diet and exercise and never indulge in some junk food or take a day off to relax sometimes you will become unhappy.

If you always eat unhealthy, sit on your ass, smoke, drink, get little sleep and never take care of your health you will become unhappy.

You need balance in everything in order to be happy.

But sometimes you may need to be unbalanced in an area for a certain amount of time in order to achieve a goal and then go back to being balanced. This is fine. Because over your lifetime you have balanced it out.

For example let’s say you have a goal of paying off your debts in 5 years. You may need to get a job that pays a lot more now. So you go into something like real estate but work 60 hours a week to make it happen or you go and work in the mines working 12 hour days. You are living an unbalanced life however after 5 years you have paid off your debts and can now take a step back and work 40 hours a week.

You see you go unbalanced to achieve a goal then you go balanced again so overall you are balanced.

Its ok if you are not balanced all the time because sometimes you need to be unbalanced and spend most of your time and energy in one area and neglect others a little bit in order to achieve something important to you.

Although a lot of personal development gurus bag out the average man. I believe the average man is sometimes happier than the guy with the Ferrari but works all time running his stressful business and has no time for his health, sleep, family and friends.

If I was this rich guy I would seek more balance in my life. Hire a manager to run the day to day operations even if it results in less profit. And spend more time enjoying life.

Ask yourself if you are unhappy because you are unbalanced in life. If you are temporarily unbalanced because you are working on a goal, that’s ok. But if you are always unbalanced and unhappy. Then change that.

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