Avoiding STD’s And Unwanted Pregnancies

In this article I will explain how you can avoid std’s and unwanted pregnancies within the different types of sexual relationships you have with woman.

The rules I will explain below are strict but they will give you the best chance at enjoying sex with woman without the worry.

You can choose to take more risk however you will put yourself in a position where you may catch a std or get a girl pregnant.


ALWAYS WEAR A CONDOM. You must always wear a condom if you are having a one night stand or casual sex. You don’t know if she has anything and odds are she is sleeping with other people.


This casual sex relationship is deeper than just casual sex. You will likely know more about her and be going on dates with her and all that. But regardless the same rule applies as with casual sex WEAR A CONDOM. You don’t know who else she is fucking. She may be clean now but one day she could catch something and give it to you. And of course same as with casual sex you avoid getting her pregnant.


In this type of relationship you and the girl are seeing each other exclusively. You can be sure she isn’t fucking anyone else (hopefully) so in this relationship you can enjoy condomless sex.

However don’t assume you can always cum in them. Just because the girl is on the pill doesn’t mean you can safely cum inside her worry free. So many women who have been on the pill have “accidentally” got pregnant and don’t get an abortion. The truth is, once a girl is in love with you she wants your babies (consciously or unconsciously). So many men have had this happen to them. The girl sees that you are a man of value and she is approaching her 30s or so and stops taking the pill to have a kid. Don’t be a victim. When you cum inside her all the time you are giving her the power to choose. You are rolling the dice on your future freedom/financial situation if you don’t want kids. Don’t cum in her if she is on the pill.

Unfortunately there is no law stating that both man and woman must agree before having kids. So legally women have every right to have a kid even when it doesn’t suit you. Be careful.

Saying that there are times you can cum inside the girl worry free.

Check out this post on black dragon where he explains the types of birth control that a more trustworthy.

If you are in love with the girl and you are open to the possibility of kids. Well then you can cum inside them if you want even if they are on the pill. She may be not want kids at this stage anyways but at least you are prepared for the consequences.

If you are already married or something with her and/or you already have kids with her you can still cum inside her.

In summary.

One night stands/casual sex/polyamory



Condomless (pull out if on pill) but can cum inside them if they are on a certain type of birth control as explained in the black dragon post or if you are open to the possibility or already have kids with her.

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