Avoid Toxic People

You should avoid people who may bring negative experiences and danger into your life. These are called toxic people and associating with them will get you in trouble eventually or hurt or even killed so know how to recognize these people so you can distance yourself from them.

What are some examples of people you should stay away from?

Violent people, who often start fights, get into fights, hurt people.

Drug users and drug dealers.

Fraudsters, scammers, Hackers.

People who drive dangerously.

Liars, manipulators, psychos and other toxic people.

Angry, overpowering, domineering.

People who treat you good but treat other people very bad.

People who ask for money and won’t pay it back, broke people who don’t deserve your money.

People with mental illnesses that need help that cause them to be toxic to you.

People who cheat, steal and anyone else that is some way a toxic person.

All of these people will either directly negatively impact your life or by association. What I mean by this is you could get hurt when an angry friend starts a street fight that you get caught up in or you could be caught up in some trouble because your drug dealer mate gets caught and your always seen around him.

This is why it’s best to stay away from these people completely. You want to go far in life and have a successful life and it order for that to happen you need all things in your life to be conductive to positivity and success so you need to drop these people even if they are long term friends.

Think of your life as like a machine or puzzle where all the working parts need to work together. How are you going to build a great life when you associate with toxic people.

Recognize toxic people in your life and get rid of them.

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