Online Pickup

July 13, 2016 Admin 0

Online dating has really taken off in the last few years with the introduction of Tinder and the smart phone. Prior to that, online dating […]

Eating Guide

July 3, 2016 Admin 1

In order to be the best version of yourself, you need to eat right. When you eat the right foods, your body will run the […]

How To Be Smart

June 14, 2016 Admin 0

I was always smart as a young boy. At the time I didn’t know I was smart but I was always curious about the world. […]

My Favorite Quotes

May 31, 2016 Admin 1

Hey Guys, Here is a list of my favorite quotes. These quotes have stuck with me over time and have given me the most motivation. […]

Bottle Your Confidence

April 27, 2016 Admin 0

In this article I am going to teach you a simple but highly effective way to increase your self-confidence. I learnt this trick from an […]