Approaching Beats Looks!


Approaching a girl will do more for your chances of getting her than just being a good looking guy and doing nothing.

Of course, looks matter, they matter a lot, I mean we humans have eyes so what we see makes up for a lot.

How we look speaks to a girl on a subconscious level all the way back to the cave man days, even if she doesn’t know why.

Read my attraction article here where I explain what woman find attractive.

A tall, muscular, good looking guy with some edge and from the same culture/race/style as the girl in question will be attractive for her.

But what happens if this guy doesn’t have the balls to talk to her?

In this article I will explain how simply approaching the girl you want will increase the probability of you making something happen with her over a better looking guy who does nothing.

Ok I want you to imagine a hot girl, 9 or 10 out of 10 in looks, going about her day.

She’s in the café sitting down.

Across the room is a really good looking guy. He’s tall, muscular, lean, good face, good style, cool. If we were to give this guy a rating out of 10 in looks we’ll give him a 10, male model material.

This girl sees him and thinks “oh hello” and may start trying to make eye contact with him.

This guy also thinks this girl is smoking hot so he was checking her out to.

They both check each other out and the guy gets nervous and looks away. He is thinking inside how he wishes he could get with her, he wishes he could talk to her but he’s scared.

This girl doesn’t approach him because girls don’t do that. She finishes her coffee and then leaves the café.

The rest of the day the guy is replaying the situation in his head thinking he should have talked to her and now he hopes he can find her on tinder but guess what she doesn’t have tinder.

He never sees her again.

What were his chances of success? ZERO! Zero percent!

Now imagine this girl, she’s single, she probably wants some company, fun, sex but she hasn’t found a guy that goes after her.

Now one day she’s sitting in the park and you’re walking past.

Now you don’t automatically stand out to her, maybe your average looking and average height but you’ve been gyming it and have good style so you’re about a 7 or 8 out of 10. You take care of yourself and maxed out your looks. You’re the best version of yourself.

But you have balls, you also have game because you’ve done this many times before, you’re a player and you’re one of the guys who read websites like mine. A go getter.

You walk up to her and say “hey I know this kinda random but I thought you were cute/attractive and wanted to say hi”

She normally gets bombarded with messages on social media but this is different, she’s shocked a bit but a conversation commences.

Now, what are you chances of success? Well, whatever happens it’s more than the male model who got ZERO percent.

Maybe she says no for whatever reason.

Or maybe she says yes, maybe she’s a yes girl and you’re in, maybe you’ll sleep with her or date her.

You never know unless you try.

Remember the quote “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

I know you might think there’s no way I could sleep with a 10 if I’m an 8 or lower but imagine this.

Imagine if you hit on 100 10’s, 1000 10s, 10000 10s!

Do you not think you will succeed with at least one? It’s impossible not to!

It’s a simple mindset but often overlooked.

Often a guy will limit himself by not even approaching, because he thinks he’s out of her league.

You never know what she wants; you never know when you will punch above your weight.


You don’t talk to her = 0% success rate.

You talk to her = 0-100% success rate.

Go talk to her! Now!

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