Always Get Travel Insurance

Hey everyone!

This is just a quick reminder that whenever you travel overseas you should always get travel insurance!

It’s usually only a few hundred dollars but if you don’t get it and you end up in hospital in another country without insurance you can be up for spending HUGE dollars!

Just an example, let’s say you are visiting Vietnam and you break your leg you will be looking at up to 20, 30, or even up to 50k.

When I say you will be spending thousands on medical cost I mean 10s of thousands!

The overseas hospital will usually ask for this money up front so the only way to pay is to use your money or someone else’s money or use crowd funding like go fund me.

They won’t let you leave the hospital until you have paid them either. Its messed up!

You will need to get a loan or something to pay them and hopefully you can leave the country and go back to your own country for medical treatment if needed.

All this because you didn’t pay a few hundred dollars for travel insurance, so remember before you go on your holiday get some travel insurance.

And remember to be insured properly, your insurance policy needs to cover you for what you plan to do in that country for example ride motorbikes or doing some other activity.

And the insurance company probably won’t cover you if you are not licensed to operate the vehicle you were operating in that country so make sure you read the policy and PDS before you purchase the insurance.

That’s all guys, a quick but very important tip for when you go travelling next! Enjoy your travels!

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