Watches that will get you laid

Although we all have a smart phone today which can tell us the time, you should still wear a watch!

Watches look cool, I wear watches myself, including some of the watches below.

Wearing a watch isn’t about the time.

You wear a watch because it looks cool, its stylish and it ads edge to your overall look, it’s an accessory.

In my attraction article here I explain how style and edge are attractive, and one way of adding to your style and edge are with watches!

So a nice watch like the ones below do in fact contribute to you being attractive and getting laid to some degree.

If you took two guys both wearing the same outfit, let’s say some jeans and a plain black well fitted tshirt, one guy was wearing a watch and the other wasn’t, the one with watch would look way better.

The one with the watch looks more classy, wealthy, cool, edgy, stylish, knows how to dress and he dresses up the fact that he has a plain tshirt on.

Without the watch the outfit would look to plain, he might not even get let into a club because he looks to plain, but if the bouncer saw that you dressed it up with a watch he would let you in.

I wear watches all the time; I have several that I interchange depending on my outfit.

You should get several different watches in different styles and colours so you can have more diversity in your style because some watches work better with different styles of outfits.

I personally own some of the watches below, they are great attractive watches and they are not to expensive, most are in the $200-300 dollar range but they are high quality watches that you can wear for a long time. Have a look at them in more detail by clicking on the image (they are affiliate links)

Hope you like these watches guys and if you have any watch recommendations let me know in the comments below.

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