Tribute To Brian Bander

Over the years one of the sites I use to read was a site called owned by a guy named Brian Bander who was 25 years old which is a few years younger than me.

I was brought to the site from a colab interview with will freeman in Thailand about drop shipping.

From that video I read Brian’s site and watched his YouTube videos (which are now taken down) about drop shipping because I was learning about it.

Brian did very well from drop shipping on Ali Express using Facebook ads. There was months where he was making hundreds of thousands.

I learnt about drop shipping and enjoyed his site loser2winner. I also found out he was on good looking loser and had a podcast with Chris about his success which was cool.

I visited his site every so often. The last time I visited it he posted a post that he would not be posting on L2W for a while as he was not doing well with drop shipping anymore and he had contracted some illness that no doctor could seem to figure out and that he had to move back to America.

I didn’t check his site since but a few weeks ago I found out from a site that Brian took his own life in January.

At first I figured it was because he was depressed about not succeeding with drop shipping again but I followed a link to a website he made before he took his own life called

On this website you can read all about him and his reason for committing suicide.

Basically he was having some really bad healthy problems because his body had a rare condition where he couldn’t get rid of mercury and he got mercury poisoning which made his life really shit.

I decided to post this post as a tribute to Brian and also because on his site he says he wanted to spread the message about mercury poisoning.

Check out his site, also check out the podcast he did with Will Freeman and also the podcast he did with Chris from GLL below.

RIP Brian, thank you for your information and story. You’ve touched a lot of people!

Will Freeman and Brian

Chis and Brian


  1. I didnĀ“t know that guy at all but It really affects me.

    How just a decision can destroy so much and I do not want to even speak about bigfarma and mercury…

    Very, very, very sad.

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