my story with girls

My story from being a shy, introverted kid to becoming a real player who has slept with 60+ girls.

Kid to 2004

I was a shy, quiet kid. I remember my parents and family friends use to say I was cute and that when I grew up I was going to break hearts. As a young boy I didn’t know how to feel about this, I felt good because it seemed like a compliment but I was also very shy and hated the spot light so I felt uncomfortable when people were paying too much attention to me.

I was a deep thinker even as a kid, I use to read a lot, I would go to the library every 2 weeks with my mum and get a bunch of books about anything and everything. topics I remember I use to love reading about were martial arts, weapons, cars, boats, planes, transportation, money and business, nature, gardening, outdoor survival and many other categories.  All factual information books, I was never into story books. I remember I never use to tell anyone about me reading so much because I didn’t want anyone to think I was a nerd and because I thought kids my age didn’t read the books I liked to read.

Although I was really smart, I was average at school, I’m not sure why I think I just preferred to learn on my own terms. I was always smarter than kids my age naturally, I think because I was so quiet I use to think about things more than others and solve problems this way. And also with all the knowledge I gained from what I read I was able to form ideas.

I also use to draw a lot and design things; I was better than other kids at visualising objects and shapes so I excelled at activities that involved thinking like this.

It wasn’t until I was in grade 6 and 7 I opened up and realised I was funny, I ended up becoming the class clown and this got me in trouble a lot. It wasn’t long until my teachers had this idea of me as a class clown who wasn’t smart. But I remember we went into a discussion about the amazon Indians and I knew a lot about them and this surprised my teachers. She asked me how I knew so much and I told her I read about them. This is when I knew I was smart in my own way.

Outside of my nerdy secret life I was a normal kid, after school I use to skate board, ride my BMX bike or scooter with my friends, go hang out in the park, play SEGA or PS1, watch south park, the Simpsons, watch movies, I played soccer for a soccer club, go places on the weekends with my parents, do kung fu and taekwondo, I was a boy scout for a year or so and all sorts of other things.

From a young age I was obsessed with money, I wanted to be rich one day, I remember one day coming home from the beach and seeing a Ferrari 355, when I saw that car that day I told myself one day I will own it. I know everyone wants to get rich but from an early age I was thinking about how to make it happen. I remember starting to read my dad’s personal finance books from the age of 10, I remember him telling me not to worry about it because they were more for adults but I read them anyway, actually they are the same books I recommend in my other article on the best money making books.

I use to love cars from a young age, besides the Ferraris which were my favourite I was obsessed with Porsches, once fast and the furious came out I was hooked and started learning about all types of cars, I was particularly obsessed with Japanese cars.

I never was that into girls during primary school, I remember having a crush on a couple girls and I remember a couple girls asking me out but I was way too shy to do anything about it. I use to be obsessed with kung Fu and this led to being interested in Chinese things, I use to watch a lot of old Bruce Lee and Chinese kung Fu movies and after seeing Chinese girls in these movies I developed an interest in Asian woman. I use to tell my parents I would marry a Chinese girl one day and they were surprised and laugh at me that I decided that haha. Funny thing is still to this day I love Asian woman, I must of fell in love with them from such a young age haha.

For the first three years of high school I went back to being super quiet and introverted, I lost that confidence of being the class clown I had in primary school, I think I felt overwhelmed with all the new kids in high school. During these years I just plotted along making friends with different groups of people, I was still too shy to get a girlfriend, I remember one girl asking me out and others showing interest but I had no idea what to do about it.

I think around this time was when I wished I was still a kid, I remember thinking about changing schools and wanting to be back in primary school. Although I had some good times I think I didn’t particularly enjoy early high school as much as other kids.


When I was 14 or 15 years old was when I first really liked a girl, she was the younger sister of a guy in my year, an Asian girl. I had a huge crush on her. But I couldn’t do anything about it; I was too shy and introverted. I remember one moment where she was sitting next to me and starting a conversation but I couldn’t do it, I could barely answer her questions let alone fuel the conversation, I remember she giggled and said was quiet and got up and walked away.

Eventually she started dating a guy in my year which I naturally wasn’t too happy about.

2005 – The birth of a player

Now somewhere around here at the age of 15 or so something happened, it was around here I changed, it was around here I decided I wanted to get better with girls, I wanted to become a player!

As the nerd I always was I must have turned to the internet and I must have typed in how to become a player because I found a site called Actually as I write this my mind has pulled that exact moment from my subconscious, that’s exactly what I happened.

Become a player was my answer to my problem, it was a cool site, and it’s still active today although I don’t think it gets updated anymore. (Kris Pipitone if you are reading this, thank you) I read everything on that site I could, I checked it every day. I read and re-read, I practiced everything I could every day, even simple things like smiling more.

I started to self-improve, I noticed girls showing me more attention, I started becoming more popular, I made friends with some guys who were also interested in getting girls, it was with these guys I started to go to house parties with my social life improved.

Now 2005 when I was 15 was when Myspace and msn were in, I use to chat to girls and try out new things via these platforms because I was still pretty shy in real life, I use to chat to that Asian girl I had a crush on and because my game was improving and I was naturally funny she actually started to like me, while she was still in a relationship with that guy who was also my mate.

Over time I just let it be, I didn’t want to be a home wrecker, besides I was having fun gate crashing these other school house parties with my mates and trying out new things.

It was at one of these house parties where I met a girl who would become my first girlfriend, I remember we were all sitting down in circle of only guys and just her, she was and still is an attractive Latino girl, I wasn’t talking so she asked her friend who I was and introduced myself, I said hi back but that was it.

I also remember at this same house party I saw one of my good mates who was surprised I was going to parties and my style had changed so much! I remember him saying “look at you, you look different man!”  This felt good; I was changing for the better.

Sometime later I was browsing profiles on Myspace and I came across that girls profile from the party, I figured fuck it and I added her, she messaged me the “do I know you” msg and I went on to tell her I I’ve seen her at a few parties but she couldn’t remember. Anyways using the best of my Myspace comment game haha I had a conversation with her, I remember I spent a few hours that day talking to her. She invited me to a party that weekend.

I told my mates that I wanted to go to that party because she invited me and because they were going as well. I remember them saying holy shit man she’s one of the hottest girls at that school I think she likes you.

I went to this party and only talked to her briefly, she thought I was interested in a girl she knew but I only said that to make her jealous, after this party we talked everyday on msn and eventually she became my girlfriend.

I dated this girl for 9 months when I was 16 and 17, although we had fun times and dating her improved my social life a lot; I was never able to sleep with her. I remember at one party both of us being drunk and making out up against a wall and that being my first kiss, I remember feeling ecstatic about this milestone I had achieved haha.

During my relationship with her my mates would always ask me if I had slept with her yet and I always told them the truth, no. I thought there was something wrong with me, everyone else was losing their virginity but I couldn’t. Looking back at that now I was just a kid, I had no car, no idea, and she was probably the worst girl to lose your virginity to, she didn’t make it easy for me at all.

Towards the end of high school after 9 months with her I realised that although I liked her, I had leavers coming up (end of high school trip everyone goes to) as well as turning 18 to look forward to, I knew I wanted to sleep with as many girls as I could, I knew this wouldn’t work, I didn’t want to hurt her in the future so I ended our relationship, yep, I dumped one of the hottest girls we all knew haha. Savage.

At my high school graduation party I saw a blonde girl I liked, other guys wanted to approach her and I said I would and did it, although I had consumed some alcohol which helped I was still a way different kid I was when I was younger, I was now starting to get good with girls, I started talking to her, dancing with her and making out with her, I remember both of us being drunk making out with each other and her braces banging on my teeth, I felt like a pimp, this was the second girl I made out with.

Next was leavers, I’m not sure what you would call it in other countries but at the end of year 12 in Australia the kids celebrate by going on a road trip somewhere and they have raves, events and other cool things.

I had an awesome time at leavers, I remember I was able to get completely wasted after about 3 drinks so every night we all got smashed and went on a bus to the main town 5 minutes away where the rave was, I remember being drunk on this bus ride hitting on a girl in one of the seats while my mates were cheering me on and making fun of us, with my new found natural and alcoholic confidence I was ruthless, I started making out with this girl in the bus on the first night of the trip.

Every night at this rave I made out with 3 or so girls a night, my mates didn’t know how I did it, I was super confident, dancing up to girls and just saying “kiss me!”

Towards the end of this trip we were all playing pool talking about how many girls we picked up and I remember one of the popular guys at my school that every girl loved disappointed that he only kissed 1 girl the entire time; this was the same experience for most of the other guys.

I told them I had made out with 13 girls and almost got laid on the trip, they thought I was lying.

This is when I knew I had did it, I had become a player, I knew now I was able to get more girls than even the popular kids a lot of girls liked. I had control of my situation. I did it.

2008-10 (18-20)

It was 2008, I was 17 and still a virgin, but I was determined to lose it, I set a goal for myself that by the end of May 2008 I would lose my virginity.

It was the last weekend of May and I had no plans and weirdly enough my mate said ask me to come out and let’s go to this house party that he knows that’s on.

I pick my mate up and we go to this party and we have a few drinks and talk to some girls, it was a small party but there was this one cute Asian girl I saw that I liked, I started talking to her and my mate started talking to her friend. At one point me and my mate had all the girls at this party in one room haha, we didn’t even know anyone at this party so other guys were thinking what the fuck is going on haha.

Anyway I started dancing and kissing this Asian girl and I knew I had to go for it, I had set a goal and this was last weekend on the last couple days of May. I told her lets go outside for a walk and went to my car with her. In my car we started making out and I took her shirt off exposing the first real life boobs I had seen and touched, and for an Asian girl dammm they were nice and perky, I was freaking out the entire time. I took her underwear off and felt her pussy, I was a little tipsy and really nervous so I wasn’t hard yet, I got her to give me a blowjob and I remember thinking about how crazy it was that this was happening, I got somewhat hard and put my cock somewhat inside her and trusted her for a little while until my mate and her friend knocked on my car window and we stopped. I didn’t care, I lost my virginity.


I turned 18 in the line of a popular nightclub, I was with a good mate and we had some pre drinks before we went out so were pretty tipsy by this point. I only remember a little from that night but I remember having a lot of fun, doing shots and being overwhelmed by the amount of people inside that club compare to what house parties were like.

That was the start of my clubbing adventures. After I turned 18 all I wanted to do was check out all the good clubs in my city. Friday and Saturday night couldn’t come soon enough. I remember I couldn’t wait for the work week to finish so I could head out with my mates to a another club I haven’t been to that others have talked about.

From 18 to 19 I went out every weekend with 2 other mates. We would get wasted at pre drinks and head out to some clubs in the city every weekend. We had a lot of fun.

Although we had a lot of fun during this period and I don’t for a second regret any of it, we didn’t exactly do to well with girls. Now we didn’t do too bad, we made out with a lot of girls on the dance floor and back then this was an achievement for us, but we weren’t getting laid and we couldn’t figure out why.

We were 3 good looking guys with good social skills and we had a vacant house that we could of taken girls back to every weekend but we didn’t bring one girl back there in the 1 year we had it. Absolute fail haha.

Around this period I was heavily reading up on the seduction community and pick up artist like mystery, neil strauss, david Deangelo, savoy etc.

How I came to know about the seduction community and pickup artist was from a site called Maniac High, I use to read that site over and over and from there I was introduced to the seduction community.

So every weekend I was going out 1 to 3 nights a week and was practising pickup artist skills I had read up on online and in ebooks such as the mystery method, magic bullets, double your dating, and the game to name a few.

I was practising different openers, telling stories, negging, building attraction, all that stuff.

I thought I had found a secret weapon when I discovered the seduction community, I kept this a secret to myself because I wanted an upper hand on other guys and also because I didn’t want to tell people I was reading up on “how to get good with woman”

But for the whole year I was 18 and after all this practice I don’t think I got laid once.


When I was 19 years old I got a job in a shopping center at a phone store. I wanted a sales job so it could help me develop social and pickup skills.

The store was a kiosk located in the middle of the center so all day I would just sit there and check out all the eye candy walking around and talk to the occasional customer as our store was always quiet. That was one of the best jobs I have had.

I was at this job for a year, during the year I was there my confidence and social skills developed dramatically, I recall my sister among others saying how I had become more confident and outgoing lately and it was part due to the fact I was talking to people at work all day.

While I was still going out clubbing every weekend, I was interested in trying to pick girls up during the day while I was at work in the shopping center.

Although I was interested in hitting on girls during the day in the center I kept it to myself and couldn’t find the balls to do it.

One day we got a new guy working with us which was a guy a few years older than me from England. We got on really well as we shared similar interest in cars, money and few other things.

One day we were talking about picking up girls and he told me about his friend who does well back in England who is into the seduction community and he asked me if I had heard of it.

My eyes lit up and I told him about what I was learning about and we talked all the time about picking up woman.

We started heading out clubbing on the weekend’s as well trying pickup artist style techniques like asking girls as an opener “who lies more in a relationship? Girls or guys?” and all sorts of techniques without much success. I remember after a frustrating night of no success my English mate saying “this club game isn’t working we need to day game it”

From just before I turned 18 till now I was consuming a lot of information on pickup and the seduction community and sometimes it was all too confusing. When I went out to clubs I was trying to remember what I thought I should be saying and doing.

The mentality that this information was teaching me was that you can basically pick up any girl you just need to “game” her the right way. But in the back of my mind I thought that maybe you didn’t need all these techniques, maybe you can be natural and still get girls? Maybe instead of talking all the time and being a stand-up act for a girl telling her “canned material” you could just let her do the talking?

Because I was also learning a lot about sales I related sales to getting pussy. I knew a sale is also a numbers game but the pickup community didn’t really go much into having a numbers game mentality. I knew that it was impossible that you can fuck EVERY girl and that rejection is a GOOD thing.

Paul Janka (natural game)

When I was 19 I found an article by a guy called Paul Janka called getting laid in NYC and after reading that my mind opened up.

Paul Janka was a natural player who uses natural game to pick up hundreds of girls during the day in NYC. He used a natural, simple, common sense approach and fucked hundreds of girls.

Finally I had proof that someone could use a completely different system and still fuck hundreds of woman and that you didn’t have to do all this crazy things that were not congruent with my personality.

After reading this guide I was interested in picking up girls during the day and me and my English friend started trying to while at work in the shopping center.

It was very hard at first, we both couldn’t get the courage to hit on a girl during the day and we had many fearful moments.

One day a hot girl came and checked out some phones at the store, made eye contact with me, smiled and then went on her way. I noticed that she was working in the shop as she sat down at a booth not far from where my store was. I noticed when I would walk past her booth that day and the next she was making eye contact with me and smiling and wanted me to stop and chat to her and definitely not about the kitchen surfaces she was selling haha.

I really wanted to hit on her and after psyching myself out over and over again my English mate finally talked some courage in to me and I went for it.

I walked towards her booth, she locked eye contact and smiled again and I walked slightly past her and turned and said “hey I know this is random but I saw you and thought you were cute and wanted to know if you could give me your number” in the most nervous way possible.

I could tell by her face as I opened my mouth my weak, nervous tone turned her off or freaked her out a little but she gave me her number. I went back to my store feeling like a king with the biggest high and my confidence level skyrocketed.

My English mate asked what happened and I told him I got the number and he was really happy for me and I encouraged him to talk to a girl now that I knew it wasn’t that hard.

The booth this girl worked out was only in the shopping center for a week and the day I hit on her was the last day she was working there but she never txtd back. It could have been my weak approach or for some other reason but this girl never txted me back and naturally I was a little upset about that.

But that was short lived because now I was super excited and focused on developing my own natural style of game and hitting on girls during the day as well as the weekends when I would go clubbing.

Now around this time at the age of 19/20 was also when I started going clubbing with my good friend who was a year younger than me who just turned 18.

He was a popular guy who already had a few notches and experience under his belt and he was determined to sleep with as many girls as he could.

My mate was and still is a natural player, he has never heard of the pickup community and never relied on any sorts of game or techniques, he is simply a good looking, popular guy who was a closer.

In sales we learned that you had to try and close the customer while they are there because if you let them walk off and think about it they probably won’t come back.

My mate was awesome and closing, he would always get the girl to come back to his house or he would go back to hers. Now don’t get me wrong he got rejected a lot and had many frustrating moments of hanging around with the girl all night only for her to get in a cab with her friends and leave him there at the end of the night but he definitely got laid a lot, more than any other guy I know in my city and still to this day I don’t know any other guy in my city that can get one night stands like he can.

But back then I didn’t quite understand this closing mentality. We would head out clubbing every weekend and pickup girls but he seemed to fuck a lot more girls than me.

I was focused more on getting numbers, I was trying the follow the advice of the paul janka article of approach the girl, get the contact information, meet up during the week for a date and then try and fuck her. But the problem was that strategy is good for the day but not usually good for night game.

What I should have done was see what my mate was doing right before me and do just that. Closing that night!

I guess it wasn’t so obvious because now at the age of 19-20 I was getting results, I was getting laid. I was no longer so confused with pickup artist type of thinking and I was developing my own natural style and the results were showing.

I had overcome most of my approach anxiety and could pretty much approach any girl in a club and was also approaching girls during the day. I was meeting other girls who worked in the shopping center and I started going on dates and getting results.

It was all coming together, it was starting the make sense, I didn’t have to over complicate things; getting laid was no longer the almost impossible thing when I was 18 years old. But I wasn’t quite there yet.

21-25 (present day)

I’ve always been a numbers guy. Unlike what the pickup community will tell you, picking up woman is a numbers game, just like in sales.

At some point in early 2012 I googled approach to lay ratios to see if anyone has actually documented their results and I came across an article on a website called

Don’t let the name fool you, GLL is an awesome website, I was hooked from day one when I came across that website in its early days.

Chris the site creator is the real deal, he is no bullshit. I read all the articles on his site and was amazed at how much his experience and knowledge resonated with mine and what I learned on my own.

But GLL took my game to way higher heights, where I was previously confused I now understood. Chris is a genius when it comes to the subject of getting laid and other hard core self-improvement areas.

In 2014 I was unemployed for about 6 months. As well as looking for jobs, I used this time to really focus on getting laid. I would go to shopping centrer or into town either by myself or with my cousin and would hit on girls during the day. Over this period I hit on a lot of girls during the day. It was heaps of fun.

Towards the end of my unemployed days I started to use tinder more regularly. I had it and used it before but up until now I was mainly picking up girls during the day, at nightclubs and through social circles.

But in late 2014 after meeting up and fucking a hot blonde off the app, I decided to use it more seriously. I started getting really good at meeting up with girls from tinder.


These last few years have been the most successful in my life. When I wasn’t working and even last year while I was working full time I was hitting on girls during the day, at night, through social circles and using tinder. My results skyrocketed. I was meeting up with girls almost every night, getting laid with a new girl almost every week, and that wasn’t even me at full effort.

It had all came together. My lifestyle was insane. I was meeting up with all these girls with all their different personalities and I would fuck a lot of these girls on the first or second date, mostly in my car. I became ruthlessly efficient. My lay count quickly went up.

I fucked all types of girls. blondes, brunettes, Asians, a stripper, tattoo covered punk rock looking girls, Latinos, Indian, Arab, Russian, South African, Australian, Eurasian to name a few.. all sorts. I have picked up and slept with girls in Europe, USA, and Asia when I went travelling.

Present day

So where to from now? Now days I don’t meet up with as many girls as I did in the last couple years. It was fun and maybe one day I will run a muck again. But having an all in lifestyle like I did takes its toll on you.

I was going out numerous times a week, sacrificing sleep when I had work the next day, spending money on drinks, fuel, parking and going on a lot of dates that went nowhere. It becomes exhausting.

One thing you guys will learn is that although fucking as many different girls as you can is a lot of fun and sounds like a good idea but in reality it takes a lot of work and isn’t that great. Going home with a girl from a club and fucking her in the early hours of the morning completely fucks up your day off the next day. Talking the heaps of girls in clubs, online, during the day, getting rejected, going on dates that go nowhere, fake numbers, attention seekers, girls getting emotional, games, frustrations, STD’s, small talk and all sorts of other things, it’s a lot of work.

Most guys like the idea of sleeping with heaps of girls. I took it that step further and actually did it. I read somewhere that the average guy sleeps with 7 girls in his life. This sounds about right. Most guys will meet a girl usually through their social circle and hang on for dear life. Fuck that. As of writing this article my lay count is in the 60s.

I’ve been there and done it and that’s why I can tell you the fun side as well as the bad side. It takes work. But the rewards are awesome!

Now days I take things slower. I know I can get laid; I’m not concerned about lay count anymore. I know that a new pussy is just around the corner. Now days I will pick up girls during the day as I go about my day, I don’t specifically go out to a shop or a club just to hit on girls like I use to. Now days I don’t try and meet up with every somewhat decent girl I see on tinder. Now I focus on quality over quantity. Picking up girls is a part of my lifestyle now; it’s not something I do separate from everyday life.

One thing you guys will find as you master this area of your life is that pussy really is just pussy. Most of it feels all the same, most head jobs feel pretty much the same. Once you start to get it all the time you don’t need to focus on getting laid as much. You will focus on other things like business or whatever else is important to you.

This is why I’m building this website now; I’ve been there and done it, now it’s time for me to teach you guys. And I guarantee if you follow what I tell you to do you will be getting more pussy than you can handle. Seriously, I’ve found that any more than 3 fuck buddies is too difficult to manage.

From now on I just do my thing, if I see a girl I like I will talk to her, we might end up sleeping together or we might not. I have a few girls that fuck regularly now as well.

I don’t know what my future has in store. I might enjoy casual sex forever or I might one day see one girl exclusively or maybe even get married (doubt it though).

So guys now you know my story I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and what I can do for you. Be sure to check out my upcoming articles where I will explain specifically what you have to do to meet and fuck girls in the best, easy to understand, most non bullshit way possible.



Legit Player,

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