I never use to take a daily multivitamin, I thought that I didn’t need one because I eat a balance diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and its true, you don’t need a multivitamin, but in this article I will explain why I take a multivitamin and the specific brands of multivitamin that I take and find most beneficial.

As far as I knew, a multivitamins purpose was to make up for any deficit in the diet, I wasn’t expecting any miracles and I wasn’t actually expecting it to do anything at all.



I stumbled upon an article on a site where they recommended optimum nutrition Opti-men men’s multivitamin, upon further research, I found that it was rated the best men’s multivitamin under body building sites. I was also particularly attracted to this product because of the vitamin blends it had in it, especially the male sexual health blend which I assumed was to make for increased sex drive and better erections.


I bought the product online and it arrived in a couple weeks, the directions on the container were to take three pills a day so I did.


After taking this product, I noticed that I had..


  • Increased energy.
  • I seemed to have increased brain function and think sharper and clearer.
  • Vivid dreams, this was a cool effect, I read more about this and it’s a sign of human growth hormone release which is a good thing.
  • Harder erections, this was my favourite effect, I noticed I would wake up with better “morning wood” and have stronger and longer erections in general, I assumed this was because of the sexual blend of herbs and vitamins.


I also tried another multivitamin called Cenovis men’s multi, this is the current multivitamin I use every day, I take 1 pill a day in the morning and I notice the following results.


  • Increased energy.
  • Harder erections, this is mostly why I take a daily multivitamin, I believe the reason for the harder erections is the 15mg of zinc in each pill.


Like I said before, you don’t need to take a daily multivitamin guys,  but if you do, you will be making up for any deficiencies in your diet and besides, you should also get all of the above effects and no negative effects, besides bright yellow urine, which is just the extra vitamins that your body doesn’t need.


So there you go, try it out, you might like it and continue to use it, you might have other positive effects apart from the above, if you do, I encourage you to write about them or anything else in the comments below!

(the above is an affiliate link, if you buy through that link, I will receive a very small amount from the sale..probably a few cent’s but I would very much appreciate it as this site cost me money to run and it will help me help you 🙂 )

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