1 year ago I created and published the first article on www.legitplayer.com. Prior to this I had no website or blogging experience. I just knew that I had value I needed to get out of my head and into content and I needed to share it with the world. That’s why I chose a website. With a website the world is your audience. It’s working 24/7 365.

I had something to say so I made a website and wrote articles. I had no prior writing experience I just wrote the best I could. I wanted to provide value to the world. I wanted to share my knowledge and experience to help other people.

I have published 33 articles in the last 12 months which averages out to 2 to 3 a month.

After publishing a couple articles I downloaded google analytics. I was getting 0 to 1 website visits a day; today I get about 4 visits a day.

I have received a couple comments on my site which isn’t much. My google analytics shows that people are checking out my site and it is growing even though growth is slow but that gives me motivation to keep going.

This site is a lifelong mission for me; I will continue to build it over time.

I also wanted to build a business, a passive income stream. Although I have not made any money from this site yet, that is still the goal and I will not stop until I make money.

My dream is that this site becomes very popular and helps a lot of people and also creates a passive income stream for me.

I’m excited for year two on legitplayer.com and I hope you are excited to.

Stay tuned!


Legit Player


  1. Good work man! BTW I would love to hear more about your life in Australia. I’ve never really left the USA and have no idea what it’s like. I’ve heard it’s similar to parts California, is that true? I’ve been busy “growing my roots”(as Elliot Hulse would say) this summer but plan to write a lot more. Keep up the work and you’re bound to hit success sooner or later.

    • Thank you so much Kreed! I have traveled to quiet a few countries including the USA twice and in my opinion where I’m from in Australia (Perth) it is quiet similar to California in terms of the weather, laid back coastal life, western culture. I remember being in LA and feeling very comfortable almost like it was a home away from home. Melbourne is a little different and colder than Perth. Brisbane and the gold coast is warmer and more tropical and I haven’t been to Sydney yet but I would love to check it out one day. I guess Australia is Australia but you will find a lot of similarities to USA and the UK here for sure.
      Thanks man you keep up the good work as well!

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