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“I’ve slept with more girls than you!” “I’ve fucked heaps of girls!” “All these girls were hitting on me man!” “I could have slept with so many girls!”

A lot of guys say these things all the time, but what they really mean is,

“I have had sex with lots of girls (or I say I have), because I have slept with lots of girls, this means that I am high value to woman, and woman want to reproduce with me, they want to reproduce with me because I am a high value man and our offspring will have the greatest chance for survival, and because I am high value, I will not get kicked out of society which will threaten my survival ability, in fact I will be highly regarded in society”

That’s what they are actually saying according to our monkey brain, it sounds crazy but it’s true.

Every time a guy says this it’s because he wants to feel accepted by woman and society. He wants to be more accepted to woman and society than other guys.

The thing is that most guys are the same and when someone gets more girls or says they have the other guy’s value feels threatened and they don’t actually like it.

After all, who likes people who brag about themselves all the time?

A lot of guys talk about “lay count” how many girls they have slept with.

In this article I will talk about my opinion on lay count.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties I would focus just on lay count, my mate focused on it way more than I did.

He would always brag, compete and lie about his lay count, sometimes adding 10,20,50 or even an extra 100 girls to his lay count.

He actually did sleep with a lot of girls though; he would get most of these as a one night stand from a club.

But usually what would happen is he would sleep with the girl that night and never sleep with her again. she would either not want to see him again or he would actually block her number because it made him feel like a player adding her as a notch to his belt and then never talking to her again.

I noticed during this time I also racked up new notches, but same as him I would only sleep with the girls once.

As I approached my mid-twenties I had a few fuck buddies that I saw regularly and I realised at this point that I prefer lots of sex with different girls as opposed to just new lays.

At this point I didn’t focus exclusively on lay count, I realised this is not what I wanted and I focused on getting new quality girls and sleeping with them many times.

That’s what I do today, my mate was still going for notches and I said to him “dude why did you block her number why don’t you try and make her your fuck buddy? Do you even like girls? Do you even like sex? Or are you doing this out of insecurity?”

I’m not sure if he liked my question but I’m sure I made him question his actions.

I also realised lay count doesn’t mean much because to increase your lay count you just need to sleep with girls who have lower value than you.

Would you rather sleep with 100 unattractive girls or 50 attractive girls?

Would you rather sleep with 50 attractive girls or 10 supermodels?

See what I mean?

Getting new notches doesn’t necessarily mean you are a pimp, it could mean you are just lowering your standards. Some other guy may have slept with less girls than you but they were way hotter.

Personally I consider myself an 8 and I will not pursue a girl I consider to be less than a 7. If I went below a 7 I would rack up more notches but I don’t want to.

In fact I’m not focused on my lay count anymore. Now my game plan is something like this,

I approach girls I like, who I find attractive, I might sleep with them, and if I like the company and sex I will continue to see them and sleep with them. Simple. Lay count also goes up anyways.

I also don’t brag about my lay count anymore, no one really wants to hear it, if someone asks I will tell them otherwise I keep it to myself. If a girl asks I might tell them or tell them a lower number lol

So I think the pursuit of lay count in itself is wise, however,

If you are a virgin or lack experience, I think it can be a good idea to rack up a few notches just to get some experience.

For a young guy starting out you might want to focus on getting 5 to 10 lays or so just to see what it’s like sleeping with different girls.

In conclusion,

Stop focusing on lay count and start focusing on hanging out and sleeping with girls you actually like and like to have sex with and continue to sleep with them because you like woman and like sex!

Thanks for reading good luck guys

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