A few years ago I decide to create a timeline of my life in Microsoft word and write down significant things that I could remember going back to the day I was born.

Ever since then I write down things that happen in my life with the date that it happened on my timeline.

It’s a great thing! Now every once in a while I will go through my time line and read and remember experiences that I did.

It’s great to keep track of your life like this. This way I cannot forget things that happened.

It’s like a diary. My timeline is very simple really. I have a word document called timeline and the first line says 1990 which is the year I was born and it just goes on from there.

I don’t remember much from 1990-1995 when I was 5 but I put in what I can.

Each year I write the year in bold then go on and write things as they happen with the date.

I write things I want to remember. I don’t care about writing well I just go on and cram what I want into one date like this. Here’s an example. (All made up)

Xx/xx/xxxx (date) – dads birthday. Went to x restaurant tonight. Last week got a promotion at work. Samantha got married. I’m planning a trip to Thailand. My current savings are x. my current body weight is x. I slept with x the other night.

That’s basically it. I seem to update my timeline maybe once a month at the most. I don’t put anything about regular days on there. Only significant things or basically what I want to put on there.

I am in the habit of keeping a timeline now and I’m going to keep on my whole life. I think it’s great!

Imagine in the future reading your time line of your life.

You may wish to keep yours differently. Perhaps you will add photos to yours or write about every single day.

It’s up to you.

Start a timeline today!


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