I had always wanted to go to japan. As a young teen Japan and Japanese culture was something I was very interested in. I’m not sure how my interest in japan started. I do recall studying Japan in year 1 so that may have something to do with it or perhaps it was my interest in Japanese cars and car tuning culture that developed in the early 2000s for me. Either way I had a passion for japan and knew I had to visit the country as soon as possible. I had plans to travel solo in the next few years but since a friend that had already been invited me to come on a trip to japan this year I said yes and went.

I had an awesome trip, one of the best holidays I have been on. I went for 10 days in total. Because it’s august and summer over there it was very hot, even one of the locals was telling me that it was unusually hot even though it was summer. Coming from an Australian winter and my body adjusting probably didn’t help either. One thing that surprised me was it was hot and humid, I thought that because of how high japan was above the equator that it would have a summer similar to LA but it was more humid. When I do go back I will go in either spring, autumn or winter and see some snow!

The first 4 days was spent in Osaka. I really liked Osaka there was plenty of places to eat all different kinds of food and the people dressed with good style and were friendly. One thing about japan like many other countries is there is so many people! Australia has a total population of around 20 million and the city I live in for example has about 2 million people. But japan is next level. It can be overwhelming seeing so many people walking around particularly at night when the streets get busy.

Our first meal in Osaka was confusing. We went to a place that sells ramen and in this place along with a lot of other places in japan they had a ticket machine in which you place your order. We didn’t know how to use these at first but by the end of the trip we were used to them. Basically you put your money in and select what you want and any extras and you get a token which you give to the cook.

During our time in Osaka we caught the shinkansen bullet train to Hiroshima. Riding on the shinkansen was something I had always wanted to experience. This thing was fast! We travelled at about 300kph and even at that speed it was very smooth and quiet. It was definitely an experience I’m glad I had and I recommend that you experience a high speed train like that yourself. Japan is actually in the process of building a 500kph maglev train at the moment!

Hiroshima was another big city. I’m surprised people actually live there because I always thought there was radiation there from the bomb but I guess it’s safe to live there now. We saw an old castle in Hiroshima and got some ramen and gyoza for lunch before walking down to the memorial site.

The memorial site was a half destroyed building which was one of the buildings that actually wasn’t completely destroyed when the atomic bomb was dropped. Being there and actually thinking about how that bomb was dropped was a sad experience. It’s very fucked up how the American’s dropped such a powerful bomb and fucked up the whole city killing thousands of innocent Japanese people. It’s sick. It’s obvious why it was this bombing that ended the war and why no one has used atomic bombs like this again.

After the memorial site I walk into a phone shop and bumped into a robot! I wasn’t sure if it was a real robot or a stationary toy but as I walked past it it turned its head and started talking to me! I was pretty impressed as I am interested in technology and was hoping to see some robots in japan. I saw this robot in another store in Tokyo as well, apparently it’s called pepper and is the first commercially available robot.

We also took the train to Kyoto during our time in Osaka. Kyoto is another city but it has a lot of temples and ancient traditional things like geisha girls. We didn’t see a real geisha girl but I noticed a lot of Japanese girls in Kyoto were wearing traditional style clothes which was cool.

The old temples in Kyoto are amazing. Seeing pictures of them don’t do them much justice because when you actually see them in real life you see how big they are. These temples are fucking huge and it’s amazing how much work went into them back when technology wasn’t the same as today.

We went out clubbing in Osaka one night. The two clubs we went to were pretty average actually. One was so packed I couldn’t move and there was so much cigarette smoke in the club my eyes were starting to dry out and sting. I approached one of the only good looking girls in that place and after talking to her (barley because of the language barrier) I found out she worked at the place. After struggling to talk to her I decided to leave as I could tell by her body language she wasn’t available.

At the end of this night we met some pretty attractive Indian girls from London in a McDonalds who were also pretty wasted by this point. We were flirting and teasing each other for a while and I told them to come back to our hotel for some drinks but they just joked that we were being seedy. I persisted for a while but they were not available so I left. One of the girls had my mate on facebook and she added me the next day. She wanted to meet up with me in Tokyo but I ended up bailing on her because I got laid with a jap girl as you will read below. I apologised the next day and she was cool with that.. who knows maybe one day I’ll catch up with her again and Punjab her haha.

Tokyo was just over an hour away by the shinkansen train but when I walked around on the first night it had a different vibe to Osaka. One thing I noticed was the cars. There were a few crazily done up cars cruising around shibuya where I stayed. I was looking forward to seeing some modified cars in japan as I am into cars particularly Japanese tuner cars. Although I saw a couple skyline gtrs in Hiroshima I hadn’t seen that many jap sport cars, and what surprised me a lot about Tokyo is I saw a lot of done up imported American cars! All this time I thought there would be a lot of done up skylines, supras, rx7s etc but no there was heaps of Camaros, Cadillac’s, low riders, mustangs etc. funny that, I guess japan has always liked American things. Now throughout the trip I did see some more skylines and supras but not as much as I originally expected.

Another thing I noticed was the girls! Holy shit if you like Asian girls as I do your eyes will fall out walking around shibuya or anywhere else in japan. Hundreds and hundreds of beautiful Japanese girls with their pale white skin or sometimes tanned skin, big cheek bones, nice eyes and well dressed. In heavily populated areas you will always get hot girls and in the middle of Tokyo at night you will see heaps.

Now the majority of Japanese girls don’t speak English very well so good luck picking them up. I tried some street game in Tokyo but was very difficult for two reasons. One is obviously the English barrier and two is because walking up to a stranger and starting a conversation is more difficult in japan. Japanese people are very shy, quiet and respectful; they don’t even talk on the train and will patiently wait in a line without complaining. I know day game can work in Australia, America, England and a lot of other countries and it will work in japan to but what I found during my short stay was that it’s tough. I had a conversation with a really hot jap girl who worked in a store who had great English because she spent some time in Australia and America and before I left I said add me on facebook and you can help me out if I need to know how to get around here, she added me on facebook. I was also at a bar and the waiter was cute so I told her she was “kawaii” which was Japanese for cute and she smiled so I told her to add me on facebook but she didn’t have it so I added her on Instagram. Because she didn’t speak English very well I tried talking to her via Instagram messenger but didn’t go down to well .

Japanese girls are quiet shy, you will notice them checking you out but as soon as you make eye contact they look away or down. A lot of them dress very well and some dress very traditional and elegant. You will notice a lot of the girls and also guys have pretty crooked teeth, I’m not sure why this is maybe they don’t get braces or something. I think a Japanese girl would make a good wife if marriage was something you were planning compared to a western girl.

We went to a baseball game while in Tokyo, this was really cool and a new experience for me as I have never been to a baseball game before. The stadium was packed with about 40,000 people as the tigers took on the swallows. I got into the game as much as I can and went for the swallows as the section of the stadium I was in was full of swallow fans haha.

The lady next to me must have been the loudest fan in the whole area and I was just copying what she was saying which was making her laugh. A couple times during the game when the swallows scored a home run or something all the fans put umbrellas in the air and fisted the sky with them which was supposedly some Japanese celebration. That lady next to me gave me and my mates umbrellas as well which was funny.

It was a really close game and in the end the swallows came back and won which was good as it made my first baseball game a really entertaining one. After that game I felt like playing some baseball haha.

Another thing we did was travel into the middle of japan to see the hakushu whiskey distillery. The distillery is built in a valley and they get the water to make the whiskey from the water in the valley which was pretty cool. I’m not that into whiskey or how it’s made but my mate wanted to see it and it was pretty interesting in the end but I particularly liked seeing the forest and landscape in that area so was good to see and take some photos.

I had my 26th birthday in Japan! This day we went to Disney land which was pretty cool but was overpriced for what was actually there. That night we went to a very good bar called bar high 5 which supposedly was owned by one of the best bartenders in the world. this was a new experience for me going to a bar of such a high level and seeing the skill of the bartenders and the service. All in all a great birthday for me.

On the last night in japan we went to womb night club which was just around the corner from our air bnb apartment. Womb night club is supposedly the best club in Asia and all sorts of djs and producers go there to play.

I’ve been to some pretty crazy clubs before in Ibiza and vegas so I knew what was a good club or not. Womb was a good club but not up to the level of what else is out there, the sound system was really good though and at the same level as some other top clubs I’ve been to.

My mate and me had a few drinks and stood at a table checking out the atmosphere when I saw to jap girls dancing next to another table by themselves. I told my mate I’m going in to talk to them so he knew what I was doing and went in.

I basically just said hey guys how are you and to my luck they spoke English really well. We made some basic small talk and they were hooked so we started dancing and talking for a little while. Both these girls were attractive but I could tell one was more flirty and sexually available looking and the other was more chilled. We talked, danced, joked and flirted with them for a while, bought them a drink and sat down in a quieter area away from the dance floor.

These girls were interested so I knew we had to get them back to the apartment around the corner. I said hey lets go back to the apartment for some more drinks and we will go to a different club after. They didn’t say yes straight away but after some persistence they said yes.

As we were leaving the club there jap friends which were guys and girls were entering the club and asked them where they were going and tried to talk them out of it. Luckily they said they will be back and left with us.

We bought some drinks and water at a 711 and went back to our apartment. We were sitting on the couch and the more sexually available looking girl was next to me on the left. To my surprise my mate said he shot gunned the other more reserved friend and I just said that’s fine by me bro haha.

I was joking to the girl that the apartment was haunted and there was a ghost in my room and in her Japanese English she said “I wanna see ghosstttttt” haha.

I took her into my room and pretended to look for ghost and scared her abit which was fun. After that she said she wanted to go back with her friend but I sat down on the bed and signalled her to sit next to me. She sat down next me and I tried kissing her but she said no and giggled and turned away. Then she laid down on my bed face down so I told her ill give her a massage. I pretty much gave her a full body massage and she got very relaxed and horny, I turned her over on her back and massaged her front and got my hands close to her pussy area and she giggled, after the massage I went in to kiss her and she kissed me back with no resistance. We made out for a while and I put my hand down her jeans to rub her pussy and she tried to push my hand away but my fingers were rubbing her pussy which was dripping wet and she was moaning.

After fingering her for a little while I rolled over on my back and got her on top of me, I took my cock out of my pants and placed her hand on it and she gave me hand, I told her to give me a blowjob and she said “nooooooo haha” but I said come on it was my birthday yesterday (which it was) and she started sucking haha.

The blowjob was pretty good although she was using her teeth, I tried saying no teeth but she didn’t understand “eh?” so I tapped my teeth and said no and she still didn’t understand so I tapped her teeth and shook my head “no no” haha and she said “okie” and still used her teeth .. the language barrier HAHAHA

After that I put on a condom and it was a done deal, fucked her missionary and doggy style. After that she whispered happy birthday to me and fell asleep. not a bad way to end a japan trip 😛 I wanted to fuck a Japanese girl on that trip and I’m glad it happened. One thing about Japanese girls including this one was they don’t shave there pussies, I’m not too sure why, I don’t care that much to be honest, you will see it a lot in Japanese porn they all have hairy muffs haha.

I got one lay on this trip and I was happy with that as we did a lot of touristy things and didn’t have time to focus on purely getting laid, I did use tinder on this trip and made some friends but for the most part I enjoyed an overall awesome holiday. If all you want to do overseas is fuck as many of the locals as you can you will need to have a different sort of holiday which I will explain in another article how you will go about that.

But I think I had a very good balanced holiday and I don’t regret any of it. I will definitely visit japan again one day and will probably do it solo. this holiday was a good introduction for me for when I go back again.

Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed hearing about my adventure in the land of the rising sun.

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