In this article I’m going to explain how to get laid from online dating particularly tinder. This is not a how to find a girlfriend or wife from online dating guide this is strictly how to get laid.

Although I had a play around on a few online dating sites like plenty of fish, RSVP and e Harmony when I was in my late teens and early twenties, I didn’t start to really use online dating until Tinder came out.

I used tinder for the first time in 2013 and by 2014 after some success with picking up a few girls and getting laid from the app I started to use it a lot more.

By late 2014 to early 2016 I absolutely thrashed tinder, I used it all day every day, maxing out my swipes, talking to every girl I liked, asking them out, meeting up with them and fucking them.

It was during this period that my lay count skyrocketed, I was still picking up girls in bars and clubs as well as during the day, but I can complement the majority of my success to tinder.

Now days I don’t go as hard as I use to. Now I know I can get laid so I take my time a lot more now, only meeting up with girls when I feel like it and if I find them particularly sexy. I’m also seeing a girl now as well as having a few fuck buddies that I get regular sex from.

But in this article I’m going to explain exactly how I did it when I was going through my “slut phase” haha. If you have been having troubles getting laid from tinder or other dating apps don’t worry because you have found the right article.


There are quite a few online dating apps out there at the moment. Some are good and some are bad. I have tried a few different apps such as Tinder, Plenty of fish, happn, zoosk, badoo, RSVP and Oasis. Now after my experiences I ca tell you now don’t waste your time on any other apps besides Tinder and plenty of fish. All the other apps might get used more one day but at this stage most people use Tinder or POF.

Tinder is number 1, you should also download POF as well as it is also good.


It’s up to you if you want to pay for these apps to get unlimited swipes, I personally have never paid for an online dating app but that may change in the future depending on how the apps conditions change or if I can see a benefit in paying. And even if you do pay for a dating app service, its money well spent and cost a lot less than a hooker haha.


Once you have downloaded the app you want to make sure your settings are set up correctly. All I did on tinder was set my looking for age range from 18 to 40 and within a 100km radius, this basically means ill see the most profiles as I can. You also want to disallow yourself from being put into groups, you want to be a solo soldier when you’re on tinder it’s the most effective.


A lot of people spend a lot of time on there about me section on tinder thinking that it will attract more woman or something. But what you write might be attractive or funny to one girl and a complete turn off to another girl. So what do you write on your profile? Absolutely nothing! I have never had anything in my Tinder about me section. Not even an emoji.  Let the girl find out more about you.

As for your pictures, you want to put the best looking pictures you have. You will know what pictures you like and look good in. I have a clear picture of my face and upper body that was taken by a photographer in a nightclub, a pick of me with no shirt on at a resort when I was overseas, a pic with friends at a music festival and a pick of me in Hyde Park in London. Clear, High definition pics are better, if you have Instagram you can add a filter to make them look better. Your main picture should be of just you though because that’s what girls see first.


Tinder use to give you unlimited swipes in a day but now they have limited it unless you pay for it. If you max out all your swipes you will need to wait 12 hours to get them replenished. a way I get around this is quickly max out my swipes first thing in the morning so that night they will be replenished and you can do it again. this way I get two rounds of swipes a day instead of one and I found this was enough because after using tinder like this it showed there was no more girls in my city left to swipe so I didn’t really need a paid version.

So what you want to do is quickly swipe right or just press the green heart to all the girls you find even remotely attractive and swipe left or press the red cross for all the ones you don’t.

The trick is to do this quickly so you can go on with your day knowing you have swiped like 200 girls or whatever it is per round.


Now as you go about your day your phone will be vibrating with matches you will be getting, just unmatch any girl you don’t find attractive.

Now with all the matches you like, just send them a simple “hey how are you?” message. No need to try and be witty, different, funny or anything.  Just a simple boring message that engages conversation.

Now what you will find is some girls don’t reply at all even if you have matched them, others will reply but won’t reply to many other messages, others will reply but that’s because they are  fake robots and it will be a message to click a link or something, others will reply and be engaged in conversation.

All you have to do is have basic small talk with these girls, ask them “how is your day going” “what are you up to this week” “what are you up to tonight” “how was your weekend” “getting up to much this weekend” “what do you do for work or study” etc.

Now so long as the girl is still engaged in conversation with you, you should as simply ask her out, even if she doesn’t seem that interested, so long as she is still responding to your basic small talk you should still ask her out.

Just ask her “hey do you want to catch up for a drink this week?”

This is the screener, a girl could be talking to you as if she is interested but might go cold as you ask this question or a girl could seem uninterested but say yes to this question. When you ask a girl out is when you find out if she’s serious or not. A lot of girls will be screened out at this point but a lot of girls will accept. If she says yes I usually say “sounds good what’s your number ill text you” once I have the number I don’t talk to them on tinder anymore, this creates a feeling like we are not talking as tinder buddies anymore plus it’s also a screening tool, some girls won’t give you the number even after she agreed to catch up.

So that’s basically how to tinder conversation goes, basic small talk then ask from the meet up, that’s all there is to it. Don’t be like those guys who think they are building attraction with a girl by talking shit to her all day on tinder when she wasn’t going to meet up with him anyway and was using him for some attention.  You are simply filtering out the yes girls.


Please refer to the lay guide for what to do on the meet up and having sex. It’s the same process.


Tinder and other online dating apps have SO MANY fake accounts or robots. This is because no one can see who you are and it’s a perfect platform for these fucking creeps to hide behind and take advantage of people. I have come across many fake accounts and have been the victim of them however I have never actually tried to meet up with someone who was a fake account thank god.

With my experience I will explain how to identify and screen out these fake accounts (and trust some a really believable) so you don’t become a victim of talking to them like me and many others have (Just watch the TV show Catfish and you will see what I mean)

Ok so robots are easy to identify they usually send you message like “hey” or something then you reply and they send you a message and usually a link like “hey I’m single and like to fuck add me on kik to see more pics and videos” or some shit like that. Obviously don’t click on any links the robot pussy sends you haha just report them and unmatch/block them.

Ok so that leaves the fakes. What I will do is make a list of signs that the account could be a fake. Not all these signs mean the account is fake but it’s a possibility.

Girl is like a 10 out of 10 super model and if she says hi first or is talking to you like crazy it’s a red flag, obviously not all super-hot girls you match with are fakes but use common sense, if a girl who is usually out of your league in real life is now talking to you on tinder it could be a fake.

Images that look like they are from another country. I live in Australia and it’s easy to see these fakes because often they use the images of some girl who lives in America or Europe. If you live in America it might be harder to identify these because the pics look like they are from the same area. Look in the backgrounds of the pics, does it look like the girl is from the same state or same country as you? Look at the power points in the room she is in. Is the car left hand drive or right hand drive? Or what type of car is it? Look at the landscape/nature/buildings or any clues you can find that show it’s not from your city or country.

No mutual friends. If you have mutual facebook friends with a girl on tinder you will know because it shows them.

No Instagram connected.

Has link to snapchat name in bio but not facebook or Instagram.

You add on snapchat but the snaps are always of something and never of themselves. But they will be happy to chat to you on snapchat but if you ask them to send you a selphie or something they will make up some excuse like “I’m not wearing makeup”

After talking on tinder, you ask for facebook and they don’t give it to you or make an excuse like “I never use it”

They give you their facebook but it’s clearly a fake. No friends shown, hardly any pics and pics look fake, no mutual friends etc

They give you there Instagram but they don’t follow you back, this could be because they gave you the real persons Instagram

They add you on Instagram, don’t think this couldn’t be a fake, anyone can easily make a fake Instagram.

They are full on talking to you as if they are really interested but they never want to meet up and always make excuses.

Their bio says something like “I’m looking for casual fun;)”

They ask you to send them photos or videos.

That covers the bulk of how to identify a fake account online. If I think of anymore I will add them in. The key is to screen out these creeps as quickly as you can and move on. If you screen out all your matches you will naturally screen out the fakes in the process.

So there you have it guys, how to get laid from online dating in the most efficient and effective way. I have been using the above process with awesome results and with very little frustrations.

If you stick to my plan you will be getting laid a ton more from online dating. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments please write below.

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