Ok guys so you have read my how to get laid guide and now you know how to get laid. But what if you are lazy? What if you just want to get new pussy in the easiest possible way without paying for it or being in a relationship? Well you have come to the right place because I’m about to explain how you can. This article might as well be titled “the lazy man’s guide to getting laid”

Sure sleeping with tons of girls is fun and all but it requires lots of effort as well. You will need to be approaching many girls during the day, online and out at night. You will also need to be working on building up your lifestyle and being attractive.

Some guys don’t want to put in that effort. You might not have the time in you busy life or just can’t be bothered. You don’t want to go out chasing girls and don’t want to improve your lifestyle and attractiveness. I’m not one of those guys but if you are that’s fine and that’s why I’m writing this article.

Ok so now I will explain how to go about this.


If you are going to be lazy about this, you can’t expect to get a lot of quality woman (unless you are high value)

This lay guide is about minimal effort, so the girls you are going to be sleeping with are the ones who are showing interest in you.

Think about all those girls in the past who showed interest in you and you knew you could easily fuck them but you passed them up for whatever reason. These are the girls you will now be sleeping with.

Think about those slutty girls you see at the bars and clubs (if you can be bothered going out)

Signs she might be the type of girl I’m talking about include,

Provocative clothing, slutty dancing, chubby, piercings, bubbly, easy going, yes girl, up for anything, showing indicators of interest, openly talking about sex, do you get the idea? Not all of these girls will be what I mean but these types of girls are a good bet.

Now because you won’t be approaching as much, you won’t be sleeping with as much new girls but you will still be getting laid and once you have slept with them you can retain them as fuck buddies. Once you have a few fuck buddies you will be getting laid A LOT!


You will be barely approaching girls, because approaching girls requires effort.  The ideal situation is a girl is interested in you and approaches you or starts a conversation with you.

As you go about your daily life be alert to the woman around you. You might be at work, at the shop, at the beach, park, on social media, anywhere. Which girls seem interested in you? Are there any girls who are giving you indicators of interests like good eye contact? Smiling and flirty when talking to you? Are these girls wearing a wedding ring? Are any girls on tinder or social media messaging you, liking your post, or engaging with you in some other way? These girls could be easy lays if you simply chat them up and ask them out.

I want you to turn on your radar for these easy keen girls because these are the girls I want you to approach (if they haven’t approached you already)

Now some of these girls might just be engaging with you because they are friendly, they might be in a relationship as well. Once you have screened them for this move on and don’t waste any more time and energy on them. You are after the easy lays.

If you decide to go out to a bar or club or something, your game plan is to fuck the girl that night, after you guys are hitting it off, just ask her if she want to go and invite her back to your place or just fuck her in the car, alley way haha whatever, these yes girls who are already super keen on you to begin with are the most likely to be doing that shit with you.

The laziest way to go about this is don’t approach at all, just stay home and use tinder or some other online dating app, or msg girls on social media.

Now with the girls who said yes to catching up with you, just get their number and move on to the next step.


Ok so you have asked the girl out for a drink or something and she said yes. That’s great but going out on dates requires effort. What you want to do is msg her saying “hey did you want to just come over to mine for a drink or something?” you can just say something similar to this like “I’m working a bit later today hey did you just want to come over to mine for a drink instead tonight? Its ok if you don’t want to” you get the idea. You agree with her on a date first but then you change it to a date at yours.

Now if you are young and still living with your parents or for some other reason cant invite the girl to your place thats ok, simply ask them to hang out and go pick them up and go chill with them or do whatever you guys feel like then just try and fuck them in your car or at her house.

Not all girls will agree to coming to your house on the first date so if you want you can go out for a quick date with them and try to get them over after that on just invite them over again on the second meetup. If she doesn’t want to be alone with you after a few times move on. You are after the easy lays remember.


Please read my lay guide on how to transition into sex.


After you have slept with these girls you want to retain them as fuck buddies for as long as you can because that’s easy sex. Simply invite them over every time you want to sleep with them again.


It’s important to be honest to these girls so you don’t hurt their feelings. Remember these woman you will be sleeping with could have a lot lower value then you and will hang with you because they are desperate or something. So it’s important to be honest upfront and let them know you just want to be friends.

But don’t worry, because the above strategy is ruthlessly fast, you won’t be leading on the girls.

One thing about these lower value girls you will be pleasantly surprised with is the sex, don’t judge a book by its cover, some of the best sex and blowjobs I’ve had were from girls who looked quiet average.

Another benefit is the company, each girl is different and has different things to talk about and these girls might have an awesome personality, who knows, you might even end up dating her 😛

In summary. Make the most of these easy yes girls, sleep with them that day/night if you can or invite them over another time. Sleep with them and retain them.

Remember, always use a condom

Happy hunting, or should I say gathering?

Thanks for reading!

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