I was born and still live in Australia. My dad was born in northern Greece and my mum was born in Australia however her parents were born in roughly the same area in northern Greece where my dad was born. Besides being Australian, as far as I knew, I was 100% Greek.

Because of the part of Greece my family comes from is bordering Macedonia, I also assumed I could be half Macedonian or at least have some Macedonian in me.

One night I was watching Greece play Australia in soccer with my dad and his friends when one of them showed us a video about people undertaking a gene test that shows them where their ancestors have come from.

You can watch it here

Before the test the participants told the testers what nationality they were. One guy even said he was English and didn’t like Germans. After the test the participants were told exactly what genes they had in them and where they were from. They were all shocked to find out where they were really from especially the English guy who had some German in him.

After watching the video I was curious to find out where my genes were from. I had a look online at some testing companies but they were all very expensive. I had already known that ancestry did the gene test and I decided to go through them as they are well established and the price was good.

I paid $150 plus postage and handling and received my testing kit in the mail about 2 weeks later. in the kit is a plastic tube you need to spit in up to a certain point. After you fill it up you need to screw the lid on to it until it clicks and a blue liquid mixes into your saliva. Then you mail the kit back to ancestry so they can test it.

It takes 6 weeks to get your results back. After 6 weeks I got an email explaining my DNA results were in! They were as follows,

42% Italy/Greece

40% Europe East

7% Middle East


I also had some DNA from trace regions which either means I have a small amount of genes from these areas or they appear by chance in the test and are not actually in my DNA. But regardless my test showed that I may have these trace region genes in me.


Asia South less than 1%

Europe West 4%

European Jewish 4%

Caucasus 2%


After seeing these results I was very surprised. I wasn’t surprised to see the bulk of my genes come from Greece and Eastern Europe but I was surprised that 7% was from the Middle East!


I’m not sure how this may be but a possible explanation is that my ancestors may have some Turkish in them or something.

Another awesome discovery was the trace elements, I wonder how my ancestors may have came from Western Europe or even south Asia and how they all moved over the years.


Although the ancestry gene test isn’t the most in depth test, it was still interesting and explained a lot about the different regions and the history of those regions. One day I will do a more in depth test to discover exactly where my ancestors are from.


One thing you realise is that all us humans are mixed race, we are all descendants of each other, we are all cousins, this is why people shouldn’t be racist because we are one.


A gene test will also show you who you are genetically related to, on my Ancestry profile it shows me a few people who may be my 4th to 6th cousins. This is pretty cool because I have never seen any of these people before and they live in different countries but somehow they might be genetically related to me.


You can also upload information about your relatives and make a “family tree” on the ancestry site. This helps you learn more about your ancestors and also helps other people learn about theirs which is pretty cool.


So if learning more about your ancestors and where they are from is something you may be interested in, I suggest you also do a gene test yourself!


You can write about your results in the comments below!

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  1. Interesting. I think culture is the biggest factor to unity. Ethnicity matters more than nationality. The problems come when we have two culturally different groups of people trying to live together, it’s never good.

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